Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Second Annual October Fest Blog most favorite time of the year!

My favorite time of the year!  Even as a Floridian I always look foward to being with family during the Autumn season in North Carolina.  The changing of the leaves,  the landscape...... watching Mother Nature cleanse the land with color.  The smell, the cool weather, the special Holidays...Halloween ( Samhain ) is my favorite.

Look at that color.....being a strong color enthusiast of orange and all of its shades and variations have been my favorite over the past two years.  This is the colorway that was used in my Bead Embroidery piece for this October Fest.... " In Thyme for Autumn".  

I have a very favored Artist that I like to share with my " peeps" during this time of year.  Professionally known as " The Steele Goddess" , her art work is striking and just so Halloween.

As a collector of Raven Art work.....she has always illustrated such divine Ravens that I just love to share.

If you have tyme to visit her shop and just enjoy her illustrations that are Magical during this tyme of year.  Enjoy!     And now.....on to my presentation for the Blog Hop " In Thyme for Autum ".  As many bloggers know, bead embroidery is my chosen medium and of course the color of Orange is the main theme of this piece.

Now join the artists of the October Fest Blog Hop...........   " Do you feel the change in the air?  
Grab a cup of coffee or tea and click each link below to enjoy everyones interpretation of Autumn.......

Our Hostess:Toltec Jewels (Rita, our hostess)

Andrea Glick-Zenith           
Dolores Raml                     '
Karla Morgan                     
Susie Harris                       
Kay Thomerson                 
Jean Yates                          
Kelly Hosford Patterson   
Kathy Lindemer                 
Liz E                                     
Jasvanti Patel                     
Christie Murrow                          http://
Jodie Marshall                   
Andrea Trank                     
Dini Bruinsma                   
Elsie Deliz Fonseca        
Pepita                                           http://
Karla Morgan                     
Vera Lynn                           
Rana Wilson                      
Catherine King                     
                                                       ( You are here )
Lily Vincent                         
Janice Hidey (Janimar)    
Cory Tompkins                  
Candida Castleberry                 http://
Cynthia Kent Machata       
Alicia Marinache                 
Linda Anderson                 
Leah Curtis                         
Jennifer Reno (JenRen)   
Robin Reed                         
Tanty Sri Hartanti                         http://
Lisa Lodge                          
Ingrid A.                                
Judy Turner                                  http://
Gina Hockett                       
Nelly May                                      http://
Tanya McGuire                   
Sonya Stille                        
Carol D.                               
Asri Wahyuningsih            
Ginger Bishop                   
Shaiha Williams                


  1. Oh thanks for sharing the artist. The raven is the symbol of one of my matrons so I am off to check out her shop. I just love your necklace! It just screams fall.

  2. Your work is amazing! Beautiful piece Christie

  3. WOW! What a stunning necklace! Your bead embroidery is fabulous! And thanks for sharing the art of Steel Goddess. Beautiful.

  4. Oh what a beautiful necklace. Its so warm and inviting. Not only is the focal stunning but the chain is delightful. Fabulous piece!

  5. Thanks for sharing your favored artist! your bead embroidery is amazing!

  6. Oh, it is beautiful!!! A real stunner!!
    Have a fun Halloween!

  7. How many hours have you been working on this amazing jewellery? Gorgeous colours and design. yes :-) orange is the colour of autumn!