Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Cousins Got Together

And now that I recall,
 I forgot to mention that the Anne Hess Grandchildren got together this past month for a photograph and we
have a few others that will be joining them for a new group photograph!

Oh My! A chance to decompress.......

I must tell you!  It has been non-stop between beading, chain mailling and preparing for vacation by heading home to North Carolina and spending time with family.  Not that I am not beading mind you.  Actually I finally completed Heather Collins " Hindia " with earrings and now just have to locate the chain and wire guards to complete the entire piece.  It's only been a year and a half on the bottom of the tray completion. I am in a Big Floppy T-Shirt and pajama bottoms.  My Goddess " Brianna Grace "
is enjoying spending so much time with her Mom and her two cousins, Farley and Maggie.
As my Florida friends know, I come here to the Qualla Boundry of the Cherokee Rez to spend time with family and enjoy friends and find my Rock in the middle of the Nantahala where I sit and listen to the water run by and enjoy watching the rafters go by.  Yep.......almost back to normal.  And Bree has been running all over the property enjoying being a dog and not restricted to a condo.  I finally learned how to can " Strawberry Jam " with my sister.  Yes mam, we canned six large quarts and a seventh in the fridge for enjoyment after finding the last five trays of Strawberries in the area.  Thursday night..... Apple Butter. Amazing how homesteady you get when you go home, not that I havent had to log in and work, but I am
feeling the shoulders relax....

I'll try to catch everyone up with finished projects, projects on the board and future projects.  Like I said, Hindia is almost complete.  I love the colorway on this and would like to try and extended necklace with this pattern.  The components are well documented on Heathers pattern but boy does it take careful planning and threadpath on joining the components.
Let see... what else.  Well, we learned to do the Celtic Star at our gathering of the " Ladies of the Evening " and learned that the Crystallettes were 5mm instead of 3mm.  I did two components...thank you Genny.
And the lovely Carolyn Bown actually joined us from Orlando for this get together.  I then visited Genny and
Carolyn on Saturday and Genny spent hours with Carolyn and I teaching us how to order our own rings from her patterns or other patterns from " The Ring Lord", C&T and others instead of worrying about cutting our own rings.  I am so looking forward to the new Chainmaille classes starting in the Fall with the St. Lucie Rock and Gem.

I finally finished another Bead Embroidery piece that I had started from a Blog Hop partner " Marlene Cupo " the polymer artist.  I've name it " Visions of Christmas Past ".
Marlene Cupo Blog is located at
and our exchange was blogged:  I'll have to send Marlene a Facebook message for this one.

and yes.....that is Chenille Stitch on the rope.
I do hope I have given these Polymer Cabs due justice.  Now, where would I wear this?

Of course the Beaded Art Doll Round Robins have been going strong.  The latest group is the Flower Child Round Robin and I finally get a chance to bead with Beverly Moon from our Mid South Bead Retreat Group.  I was the first to bead on her doll " Iris ":

As our forms are a true 6" our sections are smaller than normal but she really did come together.  Now when I get back we are going to bead the Outlander Dolls in honor of " The Outlander " by Diana Galbadon and its premier on Starz in August.  80% of the Ladies of the Evening are die hard Outlander fans and have read all the books.  We even snagged Anne Hess as a Outlander follower.

A few other new pieces that were completed:
A lovely little piece for Jennifer, my daughter in law to be....
I finally had the opportunity to work with the O Beads ( Copper ) and I had fun with this piece.  Simple but not so.

I am finishing up her earrings now and then will mail them for her Birthday.  I just love the Luna Soft effect.
Finished another "Treasured Trellis " pattern by Jaycee Carlos in Turquoise and Silver and I have another one laid out.

I ended up having to remove one component after putting this together.  I just swam on my wrist.  I'll have to pay attention on the new one.
Hummm!  Let see!
a new " Victorian Element " pink.  Any chance to play with a 27mm Rivoli and I am game.
Lots of new earrings, lots of fun new " My Own " patterns in twin and SuperDuo's.  Fun Stuff!

But I have concluded I need to take a class on Digital Photography to take the photo's to the next level and
I need to actually sit and compile a real " Portfolio " to carry with me.  When I try to explain " Bead Embroidery " to anyone who is not familiar with it and mention my Divine Muses of Sherry Serafini, Heidi Kummili and others I get " Oh Beaded Bracelets? ".    Yep, Portfolio!

Off to the rock and I'll keep you updated during the decompression.

Peace Out!