Monday, February 25, 2013

The Wonderful.....delightful.....Ms. Sherry Serafini

And then on February 25th,  " See, told you I had a lot of catching up to do....."

After being on the waiting list for months...and months, ( my fault really! ).  I got the fabulous call from Crystal Creations ( Thank you Glenda ! ) saying that a seat was available for Sherry Serafini's " Shibori Elegance " class on Monday and was I interested?  Interested?  Oh heck yeah, and a vacation day was scheduled. 

It would be the first time I incorporated Fabric ( Shibori Ribbon ) and Bead Embroidery and I was
just " jumping with joy ".   Kits were still available so I just brought the good stuff and as always, I was more than prepared.  Off I went, got there plenty early, pickup the kit ( great colorway ) and was grinning from ear to ear.  I got the biggest hug from Ms. Sherry even though she was disappointed I
wouldn't be attending Bead and Button for her Master Class.  I was just thrilled to be taking a class with her. 

Last year she had on the Steve Tyler piece with Skulls....this year she had the most amazing Cross and Rosary chain.... ( yes, I'll be inspired to make one of those ).   It was of course an inspiring class as always.
I really wanted to work with Fiber and Beading and just fell in love with a Fiber piece she had last year in
velvet and a 24mm Swarovski Centerpiece on a wooden ring.  Yes, inspired.

Sherry holding a classmate from the previous class composition.  Look at that Lampwork.

I sat across from another very accomplished artist " Rene Gibson" who actually beads skulls.  She was surprised that I knew her name from the " Cowboys and Indians " magazine that I subscribe too.  Needless to say, she is a charmer.

I was happy to hear that Sherry will be spending more time here next year and there will be a handbag class in the mix as well.

Glenda, as always, well done.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The 7th Bead Soup Reveal has been announced

Fabulously, I am teamed with Tanya Goodwin who I have seen briefly on Beading Babes:
She and I are a part of the Second Reveal Group on 4/6/2013.  Awesome!  Most of my Soup is ready for the pot... and I have let Tanya know that I will mail on Monday the 11th as just about everything here is closed and I will be leaving tomorrow to teach in O'Steen, Florida

The partners are as follows::
Now, the list of partners for the Second Reveal (the Third reveal will be announced very soon) -- if I made a mistake, doubled up someone, gave you a date you didn't ask for, you've had your partner before -- please email me asap and let your partner know as well.

Catherine King
Tanya Goodwin

Friday, February 1, 2013

Precosia-Ornela Twins..... OMG, what a delight.

Spent the last two evenings make the Twin " Preciosa Twin Flowers" technique and it is just the best.

I have these visions of Preciosa Twin flower bracelets on all my friends wrists.

Beaded Art Dolls.....first shoe and what a challenge.....

There has just so much going on this week and all I want to do was Blog....  Maybe I have developed a new Journaling technique.

I just completed my portion of the first shoe in the Beaded Art Dolls Exchange Round Robin.  It was a test to my analytical mind.  This piece actually took me to a new level in looking at items in the abstract and I was  humbled.

At first, of course, I complained.  The face was odd, it was off set, not to center and I unfortunaley " whined " on the group.  Bad choice.  Poor Karan must have been mortified.  But the strangest thing happened.  The doll and I came to an understanding, a meeting of the minds and I just started beading.

When I was complete, I just sat there and said, " WOW!"....she came out beautifully.  Humility and all. Viewing items in a new perspective and challenges in the abstract.  This was a new test to my analytical approach to beading a Art Form Doll.

After this lesson, I decided to participate in the Beaded Art Doll Exchange.....and I'll go check and see who my exchange partner is tonight and post tomorrow.  I purchase a lovely form from Aryd'ell Hotellling as time is short.  One of her dancing series and I am ready for a new challenge.  Well, challenge, huh?  Let see ...
Valentine Earring Swap, teaching Bead Embroidery next weekend at the Florida Jewelry Artist Retreat, Beading Babes, Project Eight Group and the Holiday Bling Blog Hop 3....yep, I won't be bored.