Saturday, September 22, 2012

This Weekends Projects

This weekend's Projects are set and started.

Goal One:      Photoshop " Catherine's Musings " on all photographs ( Check )
                      Boy.....still trying to maneauver through Photoshop Elements...but bless UTube....
                     Goal One Done.  Still need to learn how to then save it as a JPG .  Had a problem loading
                     Photo One.

Goal Two:     Set Up a FlickR account:  Check
                     Goal Two Done
                     Did not realize how many photo's I have of my work.  Time to start moving items to the
                     Terrabyte External Drive

Goal Three:    Really, really, really get serious on the ETSY site and Website.

And for the Annual Challenge of re-creating the " Spirit of Bead Embroidery " by Heidi Kummili.  All
product is in with the exception on one item.  Once here, I'll post the beginning of my Annual Challenge to myself.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Beading Babes Reveal for Project Six

The Reveal for Project Six has come and gone.  I was able to finish in total my lovely little " Retro Daisies "
and still have three pieces underway, but here is my final interpretation of Retro Daisies with 4mm Pearl centers instead of Fire Polish.
I loved looking at each persons interpretation of " Retro Daisies ".  Each piece was totally different and the
color combinations were stunning.

I was able to acquire a lovely 33 mm Lampwork Cab by Robert Jennick for the Ripple Effect cuff by Sherry Serafini.  It will be stunning in just Red, White and Silver and I cannot wait to upload it even though it is a tad behind the Reveal date.

Ahhhhh, if I only had to bead instead of work and bead.  :)

Bead Angel.....for Genny Smith

I was fortunate to be asked by Genny Smith ( my wonderful Chainmaille teacher ) if I would do a pattern test of 3D La Mesa Sunset Pendant.  We had went back and forth on the clasp for it and I had come up with a Herringbone strip in the back.....but after careful thought the pendant slides.  Since I did this piece for Jennifer and I am working on the Simple spiral rope, I'll take it centrally until a new idea is designed.....
Great piece Genny, well written and easy to follow.

Genny will be teaching this pattern at Beads and Baubles in Ft. Pierce, FL.  Stop by and enjoy.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

And now for another great Blog visit offer.

Please visit to look at the wonderful assortment of Birthday gifts that are being given away:
s far as I remember, last year I forgot to celebrate my birthday with a blog giveaway, but this year I don't want to miss it - that is why I launch the giveaway 2 days before my birthday (August 26) :)  
This time I give away 3 packs: 
  • Pack A is a polymer clay jewelry set with a lace pattern
  • Pack B is a set of polymer clay cabochons handmade by me; 
  • Pack C is a surprise pack! It will be some kind of jewelry but you won't know what before you receive it! (not necessarily coming in the box on the picture below)

You can enter by filling in the form under the picture; deadline is midnight September 9,  2012, I'll draw winners the next day.

How delightful, I am going to have to think of something grand for my Birthday.....

A current update on Fused Fireline for Bead Embroidery

As you know, we are always reviewing Beading Mediums and the MidSouth Bead Retreat Yahoo Group and Beaddreamz group have updated the group on one of our favorite products, FIRELINE:

As follows:
From their site, it seems that crystal and smoke only come in fused, which
might be why you were told that. The braided line only comes in moss green
and "tracer", whatever that is. Blaze orange and flame green are also only

Thanks, Kassie
The Beading Butterfly

> That's interesting, Jeanne...I called the company about it this summer,
> and they said while it may say 'braided', it isn't. THe 4# I have is fused,
> and yes, it is a PITA to keep on all but my size 13 needles- their holes
> are really thin, so it helps alot.
> Can you send me a piece of the braided you have?just a small one? I would
> like to put it under the magnifier at school...
> I was under the impression, again, from talking to the customer service
> rep(after being shuttled to 5 different people!), that the only braided
> they have is called Power Pro. It is the same material as Fireline, just
> braided, instead of fused...I would hate to think they lied to me!
> Yes, settling in fine- having 'fun' getting internet set up (HATE
> satellite, slower than dial-up and expensive) and we have found that the
> cellular mi-fi works pretty well, with a booster. We got it set up late
> last night enough to answer an email before bed. We may have to go to a
> stronger booster unit, with thicker cable and be outside, but will try this
> out first, as it is half the cost!
> Thanks for telling me about this, and you can be sure I will investigate
> further.
> I really like the Dandyline braided, and at $5 a roll for the same 125
> yards, is easier on the wallet!!
> Aryd'ell
> Sent from Samsung tabletJeanne Evans <> wrote:Hi
> Aryd'ell:
> I just did a Google search on 'fireline braided vs. fused' as both kinds
> are listed on the manufacturer's website - Berkley.  On some fishing forums
> I glanced at, the posts all seem to agree that braided Fireline is thinner
> than the same pound/test of Fireline fused.  They also say that the
> braided, being thinner, is not as strong as the fused type.  Seems to me I
> heard somewhere quite a while ago that Berkley only made the fused in the
> higher pound/test weights; I just checked their site and they do sell both
> he braided and the fused in the 6 lb. test that we beaders use most of the
> time.
> I've used the 4 lb. braided - so thin the needle kept sliding off
> it....took me a while to get comfortable handling 4 lb. Fireline.  I have
> used the 8 and 10 pound, both of which are fused that I have.
> Are you moved?  New address?  Getting organized?
> Best wishes!
> Jeanne
> Jeanne Evans
> Paterson, New Jersey

Inquiring Minds want to know..... :)

Beaded Art Dolls-Auset ( Round One )

I was fortunate enough to be the first embroiderer on Auset ( who is owned by Gwen ).  Her comments in the travel book was she wanted an Egyptian feel and please follow the fabric if the
mood struck you.

Yes, it struck..  I kept seeing Kurt Russell in Stargate.  LOL!  Needless to say, her glorious sun

crown prevailed in Reds and Golds.  I enjoyed being the first beader of this Teapot.  She is now off to Deej and Dian's teapot just arrived.

Lark Book Giveaway by Lori Anderson of Pretty Things

Don't you just love the weekly catch ups?

Lori Anderson of Pretty Things Blog and the fearless leader of Bead Soup was asked to review the newest publishings by Lark Books and one definitely caught my eye.  "Metal Clay Fushion" by Gordon Kuyehara.  I've heard it is a great resource book and Lori did give it a wonderful review on her blog.  Please stop by and see the sampling of reviews and get the chance to win one of these wonderful books.

If I am lucky enough to win this book, it will fall in line with this years plan of expanding into clays and metal clay to design my own components.  Bead On!

More to come later and I have a revised update on Fireline as well as a photo of Genny Smith's Bead Angel piece I just finished.  Now back to the soutache.   UGH !

Monday, September 3, 2012

Personal project over the next few months

Yes, it has been Beaddreamz and Beaded Art Dolls and pieces for this and that....but now that I only have the Teapot Bead Embroidery and finishing a few Bead Embroidery pieces I would like a new embroidery challenge.  I believe I would like to experience working my way through Heidi Kummili the Spirit of Bead Embroidery.  For just the pure joy of working through this book, I think this would be a great personal project for the year.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

My exchange piece from Rose Mary ( Beaddreamz)

With Rose Mary traveling for the birth of another Granddaughter, I feel like posting her photo's for her on Beaddreamz.  Here it is...lovely and I am blessed for a wonderful exchange piece.

And then another blessing from Jennifer in Okinawa.....what a beautiful doll and a great shot glass from Anchorage, AK...  Thank you so much Jenn for the thoughtfulness.
I feel like I am traveling with you........................

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Brianna, " Bree " for short in honor of the Outlander Series

Well, I have survived Week One of being a puppy Mom.  I pick up the little Goddess last Saturday and it has been non stop since.  I ended up changing the little Goddesses name to Brianna " Bree " in honor of the Outlander Series by Diana Gabaldon.  ( If you have not read this series, you need to! )  as Michael ( my son ) was not happy with the Gwen name since she is the spitting image of
Brittany Lynn.  Bree love's her new play toy, Mom and has elected to sleep with Mom just like Priny does and do not let anyone tell you that a puppy is potty trained at 10 weeks.  Yeah!  Puppy
Pee Pads galore in this house at the moment. :)
Now one too Week Two............................

The Cellini Spiral Study of Stringing Mediums

Last year while at the Robbinsville, Mid South Bead Retreat Group Retreat in North Carolina, Kassie Inman and others commented on two of my Cellini Spirals asking what I had used and how did I keep the Spirals " Squooshy " and flexible, not stiff and non pliable.  I explained I used Nymo D which surprised everyone..

With preparing a new Cellini for my Breadreamz exchange partner I decided to use #4 Fireline and determine if it was just my use of tension ( which I still credit my years of quilting too ).  So off to #4 Fireline.
I used the same technique of dropping back one row to add the new thread and continued through always using the #6 Center bead as the stop and start point.  I did not find the use of Fireline as pliable as Nymo D and the piece was not as squooshy as with Nymo D.

After the completion of several Cellini Spirals I have observed the following:
Silamide: Frays during use even with the use of just 18" at a time
Nymo:  No fraying and had no knotting if I used Beeswax.  Very pliable and maneuverable.
Fireline#4: To stiff and still maintained the one row back at the 6 to add the new thread.
Tension is still very important but truly enjoy using the Nymo D in creating Celllini.

A Study in Orange.......or the newest color Tangerine Tangelo

I am curiously amazed at the draw of specific colors depending on what is going on in my life at that time.....
let us take Orange.  A color I am not naturally drawn too.  I am more of that Turquoise and Silver, or Black and White, or Amber and Brass type of person.  Over this years time I have been humbled by the draw of color.  Six months ago it was blue, another color not normally drawn too.  This was my mother's favorite color which matched her eyes.  And blue's it was....Peyote....RAW....Cellini Spiral.  I created some wonderfully charming pieces.

Now to my amazement, it is Orange.

I currently had several projects going:
Beading Babes Sattoush Earrings....a Spiral Exchange with Beaddreamz and an evaluation of threads for Cellini Spirals as most members of Beaddreams were attempting to use Nymo D after the two Cellini's I had previously made with great results. So in the Kassie and Aryd'll method, this study was done with #4 Fireline.  But more of this on the next post.

Orange, a warm color, a rich color.  Now I will experiment with Orange and Tangerine.  Let us see where this will go. Prepare yourselves Beading Babes........

I did mail my exchange piece to RoseMary in California, and here is her response to the Cellini:

Oh wow! thank you so much! You are right on target with the colors of the season, tangerine tango, pink flambe and solar power yellow! And I have all the matching beads so no worries about the earrings...I was just trying out the colors and I thought it would be a bonus to send to you! it all comes back around any way right?
I have been blogging about my favorite colors too. For some of the best color trend sites try:  it might take you right to the forecast site for the colors of Fall.
another is
and of course
and found thru seeds, a blog about color found thru photos. wonderful!
Thanks you again so very much!
Rose Mary

p.s. will you be able to post photos of your? I will post mine to you , unless you already have. we are packing today and leaving town...I will be able to do much more on my laptop, but tomorrow.

And here is the completed piece as posted on Breaddreamz Yahoo Group.

What a Yummy color.  And thank you Rose Mary for the exchange.....