Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Current Musings - I am so behind in Blogging with all of the wonderful events going on

I apologize.  I am so behind on Blogging with both Catherine's Musings and A Newby to the Kingdom of Atlantia.  The Battle of the Beadsmith 2016 has begun this week.  Master Steven Weiss has started to post the Battle Pairs as the entire Battle has changed due to many that did not submit their Battle Pieces at the last minute.


As we do not have enough battlers to fill four groups of 64 I will begin posting battles as one large round. Everything remains the same in terms of voting, etc. We will keep voting forms reasonable in size to keep things moving along.
After the results of round one we will re-select battles for round 2 and so on.
Good luck to all
Enjoy the battle for what it is.
A celebration of people coming together to share with each other, inspire each other, and to strut their beady stuff with a group of beaders worldwide who share a common love of the game.

 We have some incredibly beautiful entries and it has been a Bling Event watching each Battle Pair get posted before voting begins.  I would be honored to make it to Round 3.
And here is my submission:
AWEN of the Sea

 If I am grateful for anything - it is that Awen stimulated my beading again.  I have a Blog Hop where I was a Bead Angel with two participants that I need to load but as you can see - AWEN - took up a lot of time.  Each size 15 bead was hand sewn individually.  Glutton for punishment.   I will spend time and organize the posts because there is a lot that has happened over the past three months and it has been wonderful.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

I've changed my header Photograph...

As you can see - my header has changed from my Battle of the Beadsmith 2015 submission to a lovely piece I finished a month and a half ago.  The Cabachon is Malachite-Azurite and I cabbed this piece myself from a twin that I have with Deborah Apodaca.  Speaking of Deborah - she is the person that took the photograph of this piece and if you are looking for a superb photographer for your jewelry needs please give her a call or send her an email.  She is doing websites for " The Central Florida Bead Society " , Anne Hess and other artisans. 

To see an example of her work -

and to contact her -

Please tell her I sent you. 

Any how - why did I remove last years?  Because it is time for the 2016 Battle of the Beadsmith.
I am in Battle Group C ( oh no - Nikki Messal - Courtney Phillips - Joanne Zammit - Betty Cox - my partner from last year - Rebecca Williams ---- Oh such talent in this group ) .  So?  What shall it be?  You'll just have to stand by. 

Bead Peeps - Well my Two Ladies have received their kits...

Both of my Bead Peep partners have received their kits - Both Sheila Poster ( ) and Brandy Collier - ( have ooohed and awed on their treasures and Sheila and I had like ideas. 

1st Exchange with Brandy Collier - she loves Purple and Green together.  Actually that is one of my favorites as well. 
2nd Exchange with Sheila Poster -
The bead Embroidery kit.....just to expand those wings. 

So please keep and eye for when we reveal our treasures.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

An addition to the 2nd Annual Bead Peeps - An Angel request...........................

Well - all the goodies have been sent to partner one and I was asked to be an Angel and add a second partner - Sheila Poster.  Absolutley!  My second partner is proficient in Bead weaving and works in a medium where I seldom venture - Geometric Beadwork - Jean Power style.  Not that I do not admire the style of this type of beadwork - I've just never ventured there. 

I find Sheila's blog a very natural expansion of growing into our craft and her curiosity admirable.  Therefore,  she shall have a surprise package coming her way tomorrow - a new style of beading. 

Please take a moment and meet my second partner for the 2nd Annual Bead Peeps Blog Hop:,  and stay tuned for our reveals. 

Two for one..... yippee!

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

It's Kinga....... Kinga Nichols that is................

Last month I was able to exchange a few Cabachon's with Kinga - she had posted she was looking for Sugar Skull cabs to complete her kits and I had ( 5 ) spare Cab's from a order I had placed.  Lovely little Sugar Skulls..........................

In exchange I received Kinga' leaf cabochons which I just think are wonderful.  I love the pendant technique that she uses by incorporating the bail into the embroidery so I gave it a try and I am very please with the results.  Completing the rope for this piece now.  I'll probably have to photoshop this photo and replace - all my I-Phone photos always rotate.  Aaargh! 

I've always admired her beadwork and use of Lovecraft themes and colors that are just, Wow ..... really Wow! 

Spend a few moments and visit Kinga's Blog at:  and view the work of a true artist. 

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

A new introduction.......

I haven't had the opportunity to introduce Ms. Callie O'Malley - yes I know.... all of my pets have two names.  But here is my latest treasure and she adopted me.  A stray who showed up at the house and started staying as I fed her ( Fancy Feast and milk ) .  Now she has been spayed and all of her health requirements have been met and she now resides at night in a huge dog crate where the pups are getting used to her.  She has her own bed - blankets and tiny little litter box in the corner for a just in case.  I've never been a cat person until this little gem arrived.  To hear her purr in the morning is just wonderful. 

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

#Battle Nation - 2016 Battle of the Beadsmith

Well - it looks official - the lists are being confirmed now and the 1st of April is looming on the horizon.......    # Battle Nation here we come....