Sunday, January 29, 2012

And then the sadness...... I went to Beads and Baubles yesterday to assist Emily in completing her " RAW Beauty " as we scheduled last Saturday.  After waiting for a couple of hours and enjoy the company of Alice, Genny and Deborah and their Tree of Life class, Susan called and found out Emily had passed away on Monday.  We were blessed that we had such a delightful time last Saturday and after class we went and had
dinner at A21 Buoy Fish house in Ft. Pierce.

I knew that she was not feeling well while we were teaching.  Another lesson learned, enjoy each moment because one never know's what tomorrow will bring.  Emily is the lovely lady on the right.
What an incredible week for beading experiences....some very lovely ups and then one sad down but otherwise I could not have asked for a more wonderful beading week.  Non stop, full of thrills and excitement.  On Thursday I was able to attend the Sherry Sarafini " Romancing the Rivoli " class at Crystal Creations in West Palm Beach.....I was so excited driving down from PSL to WPB and when I arrived ( first one ) Glenda the owner of Crystal Creations was walking the Greyhounds and getting everything ready for class.  Sherry was such a delight.  She was worried because she had not been in a classroom environment since August, but she just rolled right into it.  She was wearing my favorite necklace that she posted two weeks ago on Facebook with the Human Skull in profile.  Its just lovely up close.  I learned so much Thursday.  I understand her component and armature knowledge and just love the bezelling techniques she used.  Her kits were wonderful for color selection.  I can't wait to order a few more.  The cost of the " Romancing the Rivoli " was $ 70.00 for students but they normally sold for $ 135.00.  I enjoyed being with other advanced bead embroider's and Glenda was very sweet as she has always been.  I was also twice blessed before I left, no actually thrice blessed.....and Omens and Signs were all around.  In the back of the classroom was a Don Pearce Loom on sale for 60% off.  Normally a $ 135.00 I got it for $ 56.00.  Sherry also Autographed by Book with a wonderful endearment.  Then, a new young lady that works at Crystal Creations also lives for half the year in

Cashiers, NC.  Her husband owns a restaurant up there and works the restaurant up there and down here each year.  I think she and I would get along great.  Crystal Creations also had the new Swarovski sequins and I found some in Blue for the cuff.

I am still amazed at what I learned in that short time especially in working with the Brass, ultra suede and how to dye my Lacie's Stiff Stuff.  I was just flying on the clouds....I will send Sherry an email thanking her for such a wonderful class.  She was a tad miffed that I wasn't able to attend the Saturday class for the collar, but I'll be first in line for the next one.

If there was one thing I did acknowledge, it was that Sherry wore her designs.  I have not been dressing as a woman, but just a construction employee.  It is time to re-evaluate this.

I was able to find three polymer clay molds and I think I can use the skull and modify it to be used by cutting in half for cabbing work.  I also found three others that were just ( well, I couldn't resist ).  I cant wait to work in the Polymers with them.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Genny Smith and I taught a great class yesterday at Beads and Baubles in Ft. Pierce and I've posted the photo's as well on the Florida Bead Arts Yahoo group for Beebe, Alice and Genny to enjoy.  The RAW pattern we've been working has evolved in bead sizing by working the RAW Beauty designed by Donna Pagano Denny which was published in Bead and Button June 2011.  Genny and I both started and completed samples that Work with 8mm beads and 11 as embellishments which will help the ladies that cannot see the smaller bead path.   As you can see my Olympus has this setting which makes two pictures into one....I just love it and wish I could figure out how I do that....LOL!  After Class we all stepped out to A21 Buoy restaurant for some great seafood and when I returned home I had a wonderful package in the mail from Arlene Hodges, the Doll Form designer.  I had ordered my first pre-made form which came with a lovely polymer cab for the face ( The Dark Goddess of the Moon and the Sun ).  I just ordered my curved #10 needles and will start this as my test project for the Beaded_Art_Dolls Yahoo group.  While at Beads and Baubles I was able to find the perfect beads for the Seahorse on the 3D Challenge where Candy in Oklahoma is my exchange recipient.  If I really like the pattern I'll do one for my sons significant, Jennifer in California.
Here is the Doll Form that I received from Arlene:
Today is a Bead Day for all of the UFO's on the table.  My goal this week was to complete the Simple Spiral ropes for two Beaded Buttons in size 15.  I've done two others in 11 rounds and wanted to see if the 15 rounds made it more delicate.  Each of the buttons are extremely colorful and Blingy....I've come to the conclusion that when I do a Cab I will now have to complete a rope chain to go with it.  Beebe and Genny will be cutting rings to work on additional spirals in colored parawire and sterling silver.

I am so psyched.....Sherry Sarafini class on Thursday....taking the camera.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Another Bead Adventure......

I just finished the Rasta Bob Marley fish for my eldest son.  It took a day to get those lips right to look like he had just done a " Dude, is it 5 o'clock yet?  Genny Smith and I will be teach the RAW Beauty on the 21st of January at Beads and Baubles in Ft. Pierce.  I just sent her the Bead and Button write up and she was going to spend a few days looking at redoing the pattern in Size 8 Beads to make it easier for class.  I think I might make a Size 8 sample as well.  I have several pieces on the board now and take a look at the Beads and Baubles class schedule for January....  I have my Beading a Rivoli this Saturday from 11:00 to 3:00.

The best part is I have the opportunity to meet my hero in Bead Embroidery.  I will be taking the Sherry Sarafini class on the 26th of January, The Beaded Cuff at the Crystal Creations Bead Institute in WPB.  I am sooooooo excited to finally meet her in person.  I am on the waiting list for the Broad Collar, I can only hope that someone cancels and then I will have the opportunity to take both Classes.  Take a look at her talent.  This is a dream come true for me.

Genny Smith was kind enough to drop me off Jump Rings for the Spiral Chain at my office in PSL.  I had completed the first kit part while I was in North Carolina and I wished to make the Spiral Chain longer and do another as well.  It is nice making your own Chains instead of purchasing them.  I'll post photos of the new chain maille and Spiral Chain on the next post.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Ahhhhh! A relaxing Saturday, looking at the Bead and Project trays, cleaning the house and looking forward to finishing the " Bob Marley RASTA fish for my oldest son.  As soon as it is done, I'll post photos.  I think the mouth is coming out great and I swear this fish looks stoned.  LOL!  Only for J.R.

This week was just non-stop at work, no time to breathe or relax but I did take a look at the Accent Section of the Palm Beach Post on Wednesday the 4th of January and found an article that set off " EPIPHANY".

The article was " A Passion for Olive Oil", Ersilia Moreno left a successful accounting career to become an expert in ancient oils".

The EPIPHANY was this comment, " I wasn't doing what I wanted to do.  I was doing what I was good at and what would feed my family."   It was at that moment that I realized that the statement was relevant to my life as well.  I really need to Muse this over the next few weeks.

Aryd'ell had approved me doing the Beaded_art_dolls yahoo group, and I just reviewed the requirements and most of the recommendations for making Beaded Doll Sculpture.  And I issued an introduction when I came across a few posts referencing curved needles.  As an advanced Quilter and Fiber Artist I am looking forward to merging both items.

So:  The Yahoo Group Supremes are:

Mid-southeastern Bead Retreat Group
Floridajewelryartistretreat with Genny Smith

with all of the Beading I am doing, this should keep me busy for quite awhile.....  Post more later.