Friday, June 26, 2015

Battle of the Beadsmith - Group C - Round 2

It's official - Round Two has been posted with a new request for a photograph.  I sent mine on Tuesday so all should be well.

Group C


1-Maryanne Villalba-Australia vs  Giuseppe Buraschi-Italy
2-Albena Petkova-Bulgaria vs Janice Cuozzo-USA
3-Katalin Appadoo-Ireland vs Sabrina Milardi-Italy
4-Serena Di Mercione-Italy vs Mariaconcetta Gaetani-Italy
5- Loli Garcia Tirado-Spain vs Jacquie Champion-Canada
6-Edit Peng-Hungary vs Svetlana Ivanova-Russia
7- Rosangela Manca-Italy vs Clara Lai- Hong Kong
8- Aleksandra Multan-Poland vs Rasa Vilcinskaite-Lithuania
9- maria ivanova-Italy vs  Carin Riese-Sweden
10-Elena Konstantinova-Russia vs Catherine King-USA       ( Me )
11-Anna Lindell-Sweden vs  Ksenia Krutikova-Russia
12-Neeltje Meerman-Netherlands vs Jelena Saveljeva-Italy
13-Marsha Wiest Hines-USA vs Irina Kashirina-Russia
14-Elena Holovchenko-Ukraine  vs Lia Kurz-Israel
15-Agnieszka Buczkowska-UK vs Pauline Kuzemchik-USA
16-Barbara Conrad-USA vs Nadya Gerber-Germany

Group D
1-Kris Empting Obenland-Germany vs Milena Stoilova-Canada
2- Neva Brown-Australia vs Annalisa Esposito-Italy
3-Zsuzsanna Lazar (Kali Gopika) -Hungary vs Wendy Hatton-Australia
4-Natalja Meksriuniene-Lithuania vs Gaburine Kelemen Beata-Hungary
5-Bonita Hendriks-Netherlands vs Arianna Raffa-Italy
6-Cora Sparidaans-Netherlands vs Meg Thompson-Australia
7- Anastasiya Ivantsova (Kylakova) -Russia vs Zuzana Hampelova Valesova-Czech Republic
8-Camelia Oszlanszky-Romania vs Charina Qvarfordt-Sweden
9-Mihaela Oproiu-Romania vs Swietlana Karimowa-Poland 
10-Galina Nedelcheva-Spain vs Tammy Norton-USA
11-Sheryl Stephens-USA vs Irina Slobodyanik-Ukraine
12- Dianne Dizzy Di Craknell-UK vs Jolanda Violante-Italy
13-Nicole Stanley-UK vs  Ann Braginsky-Israel
14-Apollinariya Koprivnik-Slovenia vs Naan Pocen-USA
15-Shirley McManus-USA vs Albina Lapina-Russia
16- Lynn Parpard-USA vs  Nikki Messal-USA
Tough Battle Groups now....................................  I did visit Elena Konstantinova's pictures from the Battle C photographs and she has a lovely piece entered.  Calming colors - beautifully done.
In the meantime I decided to do like everyone else and make a Jill Wiseman " Daydreamer Rope " and downloaded the free pattern from her website.
It is a wonderfully presented pattern and she just posted a U-Tube video to help you along.  I elected Purple's and gold ( which is out of my norm for sure ) and it is turning out lovely.  I'll finish it up this weekend and post photographs.  I needed a break from embroidery and this project did the trick.  Enjoy! 

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Round Two for Group C

Yes..... I am in shock!  I really did not expect this.  Here is Group C and the winners which will move up to Round 2:

Round 1 Results

Congratulations to all the winners. 
Please send in an additional photo to be added to round 2's battle album as soon as possible
Group C
1-Maryanne Villalba-Australia (decided by the public vote)
2-Albena Petkova-Bulgaria 
3-Jacquie Champion-Canada 
4-Clara Lai- Hong Kong 
5-Mariaconcetta Gaetani-Italy
6-Janice Cuozzo-USA
7-Katalin Appadoo-Ireland 
8-Lia Kurz-Israel
9- Giuseppe Buraschi-Italy
10-Serena Di Mercione-Italy
11-Jelena Saveljeva-Italy 
12- Loli Garcia Tirado-Spain
13-Rasa Vilcinskaite-Lithuania
14 Edit Peng-Hungary
15- Rosangela Manca-Italy (decided by the public vote)
16-Aleksandra Multan-Poland
17- maria ivanova-Italy
18- Sabrina Milardi-Italy
19-Ksenia Krutikova-Russia 
20-Elena Konstantinova-Russia 
21-Svetlana Ivanova-Russia
22-Anna Lindell-Sweden 
23- Neeltje Meerman-Netherlands
24- Marsha Wiest Hines-USA
25-Elena Holovchenko-Ukraine 
26-Nadya Gerber-Germany
27-Agnieszka Buczkowska-UK (decided by the public vote)
28-Irina Kashirina-Russia
29- Catherine King-USA   ( Little ole me )
30-Barbara Conrad-USA
31- Carin Riese-Sweden
32-Pauline Kuzemchik-USA 

I was very surprised that Kassie Shaw was eliminated with " Cocquille ".  But with her new book coming out and a new pattern to develop I hope she is OK. 

Well - as long as they don't pair me with Marsha Wiest Hines....... Deep breathe and on to Round Two.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Ahhh! Back to the fun stuff.......

The Battle Groups are posting - thank you Steven Weiss - and the submissions are just glorious.  When you have 256 women ( and men ) that participate in a event such as this then there will be
 " GLORIOUS " beadwork - bead embroidery and bead weaving presented.  As Battle Group B and A are still to be listed it will be a few days before the Battle begins in earnest.

I have favorites to be sure and I am honored at the comments left on my submission by some of the leaders in our arena.  As a first time submitter I was not expecting such a positive response and lovely comments.  If I make it to Round 3 - I will be honored.
The Bead Embroidery process for The Morrigan

The use of Bugle beads was the time consuming part of this project.  As each bugle had a bead inserted to keep the bugles from cutting the thread it was a time consuming aspect to the feathers.  Additionally each bugle was " couched " with the couching stitch to keep them laying flat.  The Black on Black was the hardest part and required " mucho eye drops " to keep the piece in focus.  But all in all - I am pleased with her.  I will take a photograph of the original paper draft and how she modified herself from the paper pattern to the final pattern.
For me..... this is my " Game of Thrones" piece.  

What is left on the board...... four projects.  A knife sheath in Bead Embroidery for my SCA garb, a Bead Embroidery on Cotton Cording piece in Lavender - Purple and Greens and to finish perfecting my CRAW skills to finish my hand cabbed Azurite - Malachite piece....and finally - The Turtatella Agate to finish the " Chain of Office " submission for the SCA Crown.  I'm a glutton.    
The Bead Dream winners along with the Best of Show pieces have been posted and you can find them at :
Now that is some beadwork......
Now for a little closing humor:


Sunday, June 14, 2015


My Battle piece is complete for 2015 and this has been a learning experience.  I have learned to push myself to the limit by beading at 4:00 am going to work, then coming home and beading till my eyes would not stay open.  My fingers have been bleeding and I have learned how to Bead Embroiderer with Band-Aids on each finger.  I must say that at times - it was a " Love-Hate " process but when I finally set the last bead I posted on Facebook that I knew how Frodo Baggins felt as he tossed the One Ring of Power into Mount Doom in Mordor.  " It is done!" 

I must take a moment and tell you how this piece came about.  When you tell someone that it is, black on black, they look at you strange as though I created my own death-wish.  But!  She came about because of current events.  Strange as it seems, she designed herself.  While watching the National News there was a event that was so sad - so disheartening - so unsettling that I teared.  It was the be-heading of twenty two Christians by ISIS.  I had just completed a Historical track on the early Celt's and Viking's and remembered the  Goddess " The Morrigan " who was called upon by warring Celt's to lead them into victory and as she flew across the battlefield with her Raven's she brought fear to the enemy and faith that the Celt's would prevail in battle.  I was so disheartened that our leadership would allow this to occur without retribution.  We need this type of action during these times, we need the Morrigan.

As I never involve myself in political statements in a public venue - there was one determining factor that prevailed. The strength of women.  The percentage of Goddesses in ancient history before Christianity were of the warrior class and I find that even to this day - women have a strength that men would never understand.

Battle Group C- Battle # 29 to start.

As I started the fitting of the paper pattern to the manikin - she adjusted herself - changed her design
and in the end I am pleased with the changes.  I cannot begin to tell you how many Bugle Beads, Swarovski black pearls both 4mm and 3mm - well - here is the entire product list:

Product  List:

Jet Cabachon’s in various sizes ( 40x30- 30x22 – 25x18- 38mm Round – 20mm round-10mm round )
Lampwork Feather’s by Madeline Bunyan – Devon, U.K.

Nicole’s Beadbacking by Nicole Campanella
Bone Carved Feathers – Black

11x5.5 Swarovski Faceted Teardrops
14mm Swarovski Jet Rivoli’s

3mm and 4mm Swarovski Bicones – Jet Xilion

3mm and 4mm Swarovski Pearls – Mystic Black
SS16 Swarovski Montees – Jet

Various – 6mm – 8mm -11mm-15mm Beads in Black and Hematite and Ceylon Light Grey

Size ( 2 ) and ( 3 ) Bugle Beads in Black – Hematite – Gunmetal

Miyuki Drops - Black

I cannot thank Madeline Bunyan - a fabulous Lampwork Artist in Devon, UK, enough.   I've become enchanted with her lampwork birds and the feathers set off the Jet Cabachon. 

So without further adieu,  the Morrigan.  I did my own photographs and the model is Donna Ferguson of Franklin, NC

You would need to see this piece up close to view the beadwork:

But if this has shown me anything - it has shown me that I need to spend time in Photography School and work in Photoshop Elements ( a lot ). 

Battle Group:  C – Battle #29

Medium:  Bead Embroidery

Stitches Used:  Back-stitch, Peyote ( Guord ) – Couching              

Name of Piece:   The Morrigan

Time to Complete:  2 Long Complete months. 

Overall Size:   Bead Embroidery Collar with matching earrings

I do dedicate this piece to Genny Smith, Deborah Apodaca, Susan Barrett, Beebe Goddard, Sarah Clark Bromley and of course Anne Hess.  They pushed me not to sit on the sidelines. 

I am a  Bead Embroiderer living in Whittier, North Carolina adjacent to the Cherokee Indian Reservation.  To see how this piece came into being , then please see my blog –  It is quite an observation on our current climate of events. Therefore, she is named “ The Morrigan”.   I do dedicate this piece to my Best Friends in Florida – Genny Smith, Deborah Apodaca, Susan Barrett, Bebee Goddard, Sarah Clark Bromley and of course the Anne Hess.  Thank you Anne!   The couching stitch was my friend.


Friday, June 5, 2015

The Battle Piece.....

The Battle Piece is done..... we are in photograph mode now and I'll be working on that tonight after work and tomorrow......  I cannot wait to email these photos and biography off. 

Whew!  As soon as the First Round is listed - I can post about how this piece came to be.