Thursday, June 27, 2013

And now......the Bead Hoarders Blog Hop......

Yes, that fabulous and talented Lori Anderson of Bead Soup Cafe has done it again......

So what's this blog hop design challenge about?  Well, I've noticed that I'm really, really good at collecting beads, but not so good at parting with them!  I've amassed a scary number of beads that need to see the light of day.  I have excuses -- lots of excuses.  This one is too special, this set cost a lot more than I usually spend, this set needs just the right accent beads.  

 So be ready on July 20th for another wonderful Blog Hop with some seriously talented ladies..... the closer it gets, the longer the list......

Enough excuses!  It's time to play! 

The return of Galadriel for the ending of the " Happy Feet Round Robin"

And another " Round Robin " comes to an end:  Happy Feet is now complete and Galadriel, Lady of the Wood's has come home.

First, a small reminder of how she began:

I had started with two faces based on an old time thought, " May she offer you blessings as you come and go".
Now, as Dian, Joyce, Karan and Suzanne completed their portions, this is how she looks now:

My section to bead is the small shoe portion and I cannot wait to finish her.
Thank you Dian Moore, Joyce Holliman, Karan Parker and Suzanne......she is wonderful!

Hook, Line and Sinker

Continuing on the update, the lovely Ralonda Patterson designed a sweet pattern, " Hook, Line and Sinker"
the directions were just fabulous.  I am using this pattern as a goal for the patterns that I have been sketching over the past two weeks.

If you are enchanted as I am with this pattern you can find Ralonda at "

With that little mouth piece it can be hung from a chain and worn casually.  Just a delight!


Introspection..... a lovely time when one is surrounded by family commitments, travel and work.....then, within a moments notice.  Eureka, a new design pops right into your Mind's Eye.  Currently in North Carolina to be with my sister and brother in law.  He just had both knee's replaced surgically and my sister
had a full load between work and a second job.  I was blessed that I had a weeks vacation where I could
be here to help.  And then of course I could see my father, stepmother and good friends Bebee Goddard and Aryd'ell Hotelling from my Bead Dreams yahoo groups. ( Still working on seeing the friends, part ).  I miss beading and brought my current round robin form for this months rotation.  But, my sister had all of her projects set out for when I had a spare moment.  I'll photograph the ones as they are completed.  :)

In the meantime, while traveling to and from I did finish a few projects.  Our current:

My Favorite Things, Round Robin is now in full swing and I finished my portion of Alexia Lulkerts Seahorse.  The stitch is inspired by " Sherri Serafini's Ripple Effect Cuff".  I just love it and on the Seahorse, it look's like scales.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

2013 Bead and Button in Milwaukee...... ODE to one that must be home!

Okay, that is it.  I am going next year for sure.  Glenda is there, Anne Hess is there, Sabine, Sherry Serafini, just all of the greats....aarrrggghhh!  All of the Facebook posting has me just drooling.

Note to self:  " Your going in 2014 ".