Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Being a tad bit quiet here lately.....

Do not think that I have dropped off the face of the earth......NOPE!  Just beading away.  In 10 days we have the Bead Peeps reveal and my Battle Piece is almost half done ( yes - bead embroidery ) .

I was so thrilled to see that my Bead Peeps piece will also serve as a submission to the College of Atlantia in June.  I can't say more or I'll give away my reveal.   Opps!  Closet SCA member here and new to the Kingdom of Atlantia.  I've spent the better of a month just catching up during my spare time learning about this new Kingdom.  Seahorses - well Seahorses with a unicorn spire is there branding.  It is also a very active Kingdom and I will be attending the Barony of Hawkwood Birthday in mid-May.  I was happy that I had not donated all of my garb to a friend that was in need but I have been able to start working on a new
garb and making new items for it.  This shall be fun. 

I was depressed that I had not met any new people here and missed my lovely beading friends in Port St. Lucie, FL  - and then by chance came across a post for the local SCA.  And like I said - they are very active to include jousting.   I will be teaching Beadweaving at the College of Atlantia in Lynchburg, VA in June.  Course 1 ( Guord - Peyote ) with kits.  I have missed teaching as well. 

I know this is off-topic of my normal posts but I am extremely thrilled to be a part of this Barony and I am looking forward to meeting new people here. 

See you during the Bead Peeps reveal.
Adaira inghean Makyswell also known as Catherine