Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Battle of the Beadsmith - Round 2 - Group C

Ahhh!   The results are posted and I would say that Battle 10 and 11 were very close.  Alas, I am out but not really.  This has been the greatest experience I could ever have asked for. 

Group C
1 Giuseppe Buraschi-Italy
2-Janice Cuozzo-USA
3 Sabrina Milardi-Italy
4-Serena Di Mercione-Italy 
5- Loli Garcia Tirado-Spain 
6-Edit Peng-Hungary 
7- Clara Lai- Hong Kong
8- Aleksandra Multan-Poland 
9- Carin Riese-Sweden
10-Elena Konstantinova-Russia (Decided By Public vote)
11-Anna Lindell-Sweden (Decided By Public Vote)
12-Neeltje Meerman-Netherlands
13-Marsha Wiest Hines-USA 
14- Lia Kurz-Israel
15-Pauline Kuzemchik-USA
16- Nadya Gerber-Germany

        BOTB15  Group C Rnd 2 Battle #10  - Elena Konstantinova vs Catherine King

1 Photography is a key factor to a good design. 
2. I have not really marketed myself.  It is time to sit and determine where I wish to advertise myself in this industry. 
Additionally, I will ask a few individuals that I admire and ask for a critique and of course - I will share. 
All I know is that I am still a winner.  With all of the wonderful friends that entered the battle- I lasted one round longer and this was my first entry.  I am already ready for the next Battle. 

Phew!  I am looking forward to see who wins this Battle.  What an incredible group of entries.  This one will be hard pressed for the winner.


Now on to Jill Wiseman's Daydreamer Rope -


It is a wonderfully presented pattern and she just posted a U-Tube video to help you along.  I elected Purple's and gold ( which is out of my norm for sure )

Lovely piece and I enjoyed the rhythmic stitching.