Monday, December 31, 2012

As 2012 Comes to a close.....

2012 is about to end and as I sit and reflect on all the lessons I have learned this year, all the advancements I have made in Bead Embroidery and Chainmaille, I cannot but just be amazed at how far
I have come this year.  It has been a learning experience to say the least.  I have made great friends, worked with some outstanding Bead Artists.  What more could a person ask for?

I have learned this year that marketing my beadwork is just as labor intensive as making those wonderful creations.  I did complete the setting up of my ETSY Site, came up with an acceptable inventory method to
maintain what I have in stock to math with the photographs for marketing.  I have taken Bead Embroidery to the next level and know that I shall always be enamoured with it.  I love chainmaille and will continue to explore my advancement in Chainmaille.

I did find an interesting article in the new February 2013 issue written by Stacy Werkheiser called " LOVE
Hurts".  It referenced Sherry Serafini, Diane Fitzgerald and others on how they feel about Bead Artists copying their work which is copywritten.  Sherry said it in a very understandable fashion " as always".

" Now, we all know why those people do it:  Beaders love Sherry's hot, hip statement pieces!  And of course, there's nothing wrong with making a Sherry Serafini piece for your own personal enjoyment or to give as a gift.  But when Sherry's adoring fams sell her work, it's not love that's communicated.

"It angers me and hurts!" she says.  " When an artist spends hours, days, or months creating a design or instructions and you see someone else take the credit, it is very hurtful.  Not only emotionally, but it takes food out of the mouths of my family.  This is what I do.  I have not other source of income. "

Which is why selling a piece, even if it's labeled " designed by Sherry Serafini" just isn't enough for her.  " I don't give permission for the resale of my art in any form " Sherry notes.

But the beautiful thing about Sherry is that she believes in us: " If you like beading and creating jewelry, why borrow someone else's work? " she says.  " Do your own thing, and be respectful of the people who have spent hours creating what you can take in a moment.  Give yourself more credit, and sit down and create".

I realized that my two (2 ) Sherry Serafini pieces and my Heidi piece had to go inactive on ETSY.  It would be a violation of their copywright.  WOW!  A total awakening.  I learned incredible new techniques from these artists.  It's time to put these new talents to work on my own designs.

Tomorrow I will load my final " Teapot Doll " that I just completed for Deej " Debra Peck" and a photo of my Shoe Doll Form called " Galadriel- A walk in the woods " which will mail on Wednesday.

2013 will be even better.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

A tiny reveal from the Holiday Bling Blog Hop

As you know in a previous post, we had the " Holiday Bling Blog Hop" and my partner was Marlene Cupo, a Polymer Clay Artist.  I had asked for Christmas Polymer Cabochons for Bead Embroidery.......  well, here is a tiny hint and yes, I used all three cabochons in one piece. 

This will be the center tab on a collar.......See Marlene, they came out famously.

And just a note, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas Holiday, and Ms. Brianna Grace wishes
you the best for 2013.  Mom put the Christmas Collar on after her grooming.  Yep, she was happy :)

Friday, December 21, 2012

Preparing for the Holidays at the office

Happy Holidays ! 

As always, I made the gifts for my work mates..... nothing better than 12 Helms Weave Bracelets, 1 Byzantine in Stainless Steel and a Patridge in a Pear Tree......  Oh!  And of course lovely earring assortments.  Everyone just loved their gifts which makes my Holiday's special.

I launched my ETSY site, I've loaded twenty, sold one and still have quite a few items to load onto the site.......I finally got organized with a wonderful Inventory System with detail and correlated all
photographs with the Inventory numbers. 

For 2013.  A better presence in photography and the photography of my bead embroidery.. 

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Reveal Time for the Holiday Bling Blog Hop 2

That day has finally arrived..... the reveal for the " Holiday Bling Blog Hop 2 ".  My exchange partner was Marlene Cupo and it was greatly entertaining to catch up with each other as Marlene is a Polymer Artist and I am a bead weaver.  But who would not enjoy a Holiday project?  I had just finished up a few Right Angle Weave Cuff patterns in Christmas theme's and Marlene was enchanting in her acceptance of a " Blingy Holiday " project.  Size of wrist was gathered and then after laying out the

The beginning
So after a few runs in RAW and working out the first few rows, I was off.  Pattern is above to
the right.  As I was coming to the end, I realized how wonderful this bracelet was.  Sorry Marlene,
I am making another just for myself.

And her is my charming Christmas Tree cuff bracelet for Marlene Cupo:

I have heard from Marlene after she recieved it and she loved it, but I'll let her tell you on her blog.
In return I recieved ( 3 ) lovely Red, White and Green Polymer Cab's which are now set to Lacey's Stiff Stuff and Bead Embroidery has begun.  I promise Marlene that photo's will post as she is under construction.

Now spend a few moments and visit all the ladies who have participated in this wonderful Holiday Bling Blog Hop #2:

        1        Shelley Graham Turner
         2        Marlene Cupo
                Sandra McGriff
         4        Ginger Bishop
         5        Tammie Everly
         6        Dyanne Everett-Cantrell
         7        Mary Howell Govaars
         8        Debbie Rasmussen
         9        Shirley Moore
       10        Jo-Ann Woolverton
       11        Chandra Merod
       12        Renetha Stanziano
       13        Kelley Fogle
       14        Gina Hockett
       15        Elaine Ray
       16        Melinda Abrahamson
       17        Heather Otto
       18        Alicia Marinache
       19        Catherine King.  ( You are here )
       20        Tiffany Smith :
       21        Anitra Gordy
       22        Miranda Ackerley
       23        Sonya Stille
       24        Lori Bowring Michaud
       25       Toltec Jewels

Enjoy and Happy Holidays!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Beading Babes Reveal 7

Today is Reveal 7 day and we are enjoying each person's interpretation of the projects selected for Reveal 7:


1. Enchanted Rivoli Earrings by Csilla Csirmaz
(Beadwork - August/September 2012 - page 51)
Techniques: Tubular peyote, ladder stitch, tubular herringbone and square stitch
Project Level: Intermediate

Here is my interpretation:


2. Roller Beads necklace by Cathy Lampole
(Bead and Button - October 2012 - page 66)
Techniques: Beadweaving and herringbone
Project Level: Beginner

My Interpretation:  I finished the Roller Beads in mulitple Colorways but I am currently working on
the Herringbone Rope.

3. Scalloped Pearl bracelet by Angelle Procopio
(Bead and Button - October 2012 - page 24)
Techniques: Ladder stitch
Project Level:  Beginner

My interpretation:


4. Gothic Butterfly bracelet by Mikki Ferrugiaro
(Beadwork - December 2010/January 2011 - page 66)

Techniques: Peyote
Project Level: Intermediate

For Gothic Butterfly, I didnt' take this challenge.....but might in the future.....


Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Stay tuned for two Blog Reveals

Stay tuned for two Blog Reveals.....Beading Babes for Project No: 6 and the Holiday Bling Blog Hop .....

Friday, November 23, 2012

" Ripple Effect " a BeadWork Pattern by Sherri Sarafini

I am enjoying having a four day holiday weekend.  It was a blessed Thanksgiving Day and I have just been
cranking away organizing the Bead Stash and completing projects.  I have the Beading Babes Reveal coming up and I did complete " Ripple Effect " a June/July 2011 Beadwork pattern by Sherry Serafini.  I can't help it....... I just love her patterns.  This was one pattern for the past Beading Babes challenge, so I'll post there as well.  I found a wonderful cabachon in reds/whites and the piece just blossomed from there.

I also completed my portion of Jo Adams Teapot.  I completed the front portion with lovely purple sequins.  It just set it right off.  Now that Deej has broken her hand, I will complete the teapot handle and then ship it on to Jo.
Isn't she lovely? 

Monday, November 19, 2012

Florida Jewelry Artist Retreat Group Gathering

What a great few days in O'Steen, FL.  Bebee and Hank Goddard graciously opened their home to 10 women from the FL Jewelry Artist Retreat Group and we had a blast just enjoying each others company.
It was a first for me as my photo was taken enjoying the gathering on Friday night.
Bebee and Hank fed us Pizza and Italian on Friday night and a wonderful BBQ Steak and Baked Potatoes on Saturday night.  Saturday was pot luck as the Day participants arrived.  WOW! What a spread.  Diana and her Mom gave us our Main Course of Arroz Con Pollo.  Amazing food.

Our Host and Hostess-Hank and Bebee Goddard

Attending was Nancy, Bebee, Alice Silva, Deborah, Annie, Diana, Ana, Suzie, Dian's Mom, Diga, Suzies daughter Lauren and her new one month old Izzy and of course our instructor for the day, Genny Smith.

The project for this retreat was Roller Beads by Carole Lampole a October 2012 Bead and Button pattern.  

Each person completed at least one Roller Bead.  Annie Hesse completed five and I completed three.  Wait till you see those Hot Pink Swarovski pearls in real life.
Anne Hesse Roller Beads

Mine with that Hot Pink Swarovski Pearl.
They are addicting little projects, kind of like Lay's Potato can't eat just one.
Deborah finished her bead in spite of a hand and arm injury....Awesome Deb.

We had our first cyber meetup with Aryd'ell joining us in making Roller Beads. 
You can see her unique and very pretty version here:\

It was a wonderful gathering.  I also completed the Holiday Bling Blog Hop piece for Marlene Cupo but cannot post until the 15th of December..... Hint.....hint....

Sunday, November 11, 2012

And just a little hint for Reveal Two.....

Reveal Two is on the board and it would not be possible without a wonderful piece prepared by Laura Mears ( how incredible is that )......  just a hint for those of you that have the book and the story that goes with it is just as wonderful.

Spirit of Bead Embroidery-Reveal One

Reveal One is complete.  In Heidi Kummili " Spirit of Bead Embroidery ", I had challenged myself to complete Heidi's projects and a few examples this year in my own interpretation.  A " Julia and Julia " type of event with each Reveal being blogged as I progressed.

Reveal One is Heidi's " Owl Bracelet " with a few changes of my own based on the product I had on hand.  Of course " Laura Mears" Owl is the center piece of this enchanting bracelet.  I was able to acquire those lovely Natural Bugle Beads and I have already found numerous uses for them.  You will see a few other changes in my completion but I am very pleased with Project One.

This is the book that started it all.........

Please let me know your thoughts and enjoy and of course thank you Heidi and Laura for the inspiration.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Beaded Art Doll Round Robin Teapot 3

I complete this wonderful piece and sent it off to Debra " Deej " Peck for her turn.  It was the first time I had considered Sequins and I just loved them.  Just lots of bling and doing the spout and the handle were a big trip as well.  PATIENCE.....just lot's of PATIENCE... Dont' you just love the hair?

This is Joyce " JO " Hollimans wonderful Teapot in the Round.  I have learned to love working on the Art Doll Forms.  Very relaxing.  Just recieved Joetta Adams Teapot and then only one more after that and I receive mine......

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

My First Blog Hop.......Yippeee.......and it is a blingy one to boot!

I get to experience my first Blog Hop while I await the Bead Soup Exchange to begin.....actually,
I am excited and of course it got those creative juices flowing for the Holidays.....

My exchange partner is Marlene Cupo


1.      Contact your HBBH#2 partner and between the two of you decide what you would like to exchange. It can be pretty much anything you agree upon, as long as its "holiday' themed.

                 Done...... Marlene was so easy to please as she is a polymer artist and I am a Bead Embroider.
2.        Add the attached blog hop button/gadget to your blog's sidebar (this is optional but will bring readers back!)
3.          Mailout your item by November 17th. PLEASE Post a Delivery Confirmation # on the Facebook group page.
4.          Keep in touch with your partner, post on our Facebook group page once you receive your partner's creation!
    Blog on Saturday, December 15th , share what you created for your partner, the process you used and what you received from your partner.

Your partner for Holiday Bling Blog Hop #2 is: Marlene Cupo her e-mail address is:
And of course when I was contacted, I sat down and drafted a new RAW ( Right Angle Weave ) piece.....I'll photograph the journey but I cannot post until the 15th of December. 

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

34th Annual St. Lucie County Rock and Gem Show

This weekend was the 34th Annual St. Lucie County Rock and Gem Club Show at the Martin County Fairgrounds.  Even after Sandy we had great weather and a mild turn out but it was so much fun to
volunteer in Hospitality and then demonstrate Bead Embroidery.  I did have a few moments to visit a
few vendors and found a spectacular grouping of Ammonite and was able to visit with Jenny Shibona of " Mad Chiwawa Designs".  ( Don't you just love that name ).

I realized how important it is to support your local Rock and Gem Club and the classes that are offered.  I really developed an interest in faceting....... hummmm..... all of those wonderful pieces that
have been filling a wooden bowl when the family takes visitors in North Carolina to go Gem Mining.
Yep, faceting it is.

Give them a look-see.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Yummy New Colors for the Season

What a yummy new selection from Pantone for this Fall Season.  Hummmm..... I can do that.
We still have the Nectarine and lovely Lemon Zest......

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Weekly Happenings..... October 13,2012

Well at least it was a productive week.   I finished my version of Sherry Serrafini's "Hot Dots" as pictured in the Bead and Button for August 2012.
As always, I so enjoy working on Sherry's designs.  The Donut focal is from Birdsong Beads in Andrews, North Carolina and I found this one during our July Mid South Bead Retreat.  It worked perfectly for my first sequin adventure.
I had received two ( 2 ) antique brass focal pieces, well actually three but the third one needs its faux
gemstone replaced, and decided to finish them instead of viewing them just sitting there.  The amber piece
will go to PK, my sister and I will keep the Fire Opal piece for myself as these were found in our Mother's
jewelry box after her passing.

Topaz for PK

Fire Opal for Catherine
I have found there is one item I would really like someone to fabricate and that is brass split rings.  I'll have to work on that.

I also made great strides on learning how to add a gadget today to the blog.  See, there is hope.  And I finally started to work on the website:  Stay tuned, I am learning to link the Site, the blog, the Facebook page and the ETSY page.  Wow, work is really starting to interfere with beading.

The Annual Heidi Challenge is about to begin......The Sitting Owl arrived and Staples is finishing up the spiral binding on Heidi's " The Spirit of Bead Embroidery ".  Stay tuned.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Beading Babes.....Project 7

Beading Babes and the Project 7 Line Up:

Yes, Karyn has outdone herself again.  What a wonderful selection.


1. Enchanted Rivoli Earrings by Csilla Csirmaz
(Beadwork - August/September 2012 - page 51)
Techniques: Tubular peyote, ladder stitch, tubular herringbone and square stitch
Project Level: Intermediate

2. Roller Beads necklace by Cathy Lampole

(Bead and Button - October 2012 - page 66)
Techniques: Beadweaving and herringbone
Project Level: Beginner

3. Scalloped Pearl bracelet by Angelle Procopio

(Bead and Button - October 2012 - page 24)
Techniques: Ladder stitch
Project Level:  Beginner

4. Gothic Butterfly bracelet by Mikki Ferrugiaro

(Beadwork - December 2010/January 2011 - page 66)
Techniques: Peyote
Project Level: Intermediate

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Current Week Happenings...... 10/7/2012

As has become a regular event.....My weeks seem to blend one into the other.  I did receive a photograph from Wendy of the Mid South Bead Retreat Group who finished her Bead Embroidery Cuff.  I have another
Bead Embroiderer and what a wonderful piece.
Wendy's First cuff

Then I received a photo from Deborah. She had finished her Rivoli from our Rivoli class at Beads and Baubles.
And I finished Teapot #2 ( Dian's Teapot ) for the Round Robin " Bad Girls Tea Party ".  I did the embroidery around the face and head.
She seems to be wearing a Renaissance Cowel but she was beautiful.

New projects:  Finishing the Sherry Serafini " Hot Dots Cuff from Bead and Button, August 2012 with my own touches as usual.  I had to use a larger Donut and modifications were required but I am enjoying using sequins both standard and swarovski.   I'll post photo's when she is done.
Then of course:  My first neck piece.... shades of Sherry and Heidi.  :)  very steampunky.
Center Piece
Just a teaser.

And I am awaiting the Selections for Round 7 for Beading babes and I am awaiting the Laura Mears Owl to start my project One of " The Spirit of Bead Embroider".
Speaking of Laura....her ETSY shop opened and I missed one spider I was looking for to go with my Grandmother Spider Loom piece, but I did get the " Black Widow". Huummmm!  Cant wait to see where this one goes.

I have come to the conclusion that my regular employment is interfering with my Bead Work.  :)

Saturday, September 22, 2012

This Weekends Projects

This weekend's Projects are set and started.

Goal One:      Photoshop " Catherine's Musings " on all photographs ( Check )
                      Boy.....still trying to maneauver through Photoshop Elements...but bless UTube....
                     Goal One Done.  Still need to learn how to then save it as a JPG .  Had a problem loading
                     Photo One.

Goal Two:     Set Up a FlickR account:  Check
                     Goal Two Done
                     Did not realize how many photo's I have of my work.  Time to start moving items to the
                     Terrabyte External Drive

Goal Three:    Really, really, really get serious on the ETSY site and Website.

And for the Annual Challenge of re-creating the " Spirit of Bead Embroidery " by Heidi Kummili.  All
product is in with the exception on one item.  Once here, I'll post the beginning of my Annual Challenge to myself.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Beading Babes Reveal for Project Six

The Reveal for Project Six has come and gone.  I was able to finish in total my lovely little " Retro Daisies "
and still have three pieces underway, but here is my final interpretation of Retro Daisies with 4mm Pearl centers instead of Fire Polish.
I loved looking at each persons interpretation of " Retro Daisies ".  Each piece was totally different and the
color combinations were stunning.

I was able to acquire a lovely 33 mm Lampwork Cab by Robert Jennick for the Ripple Effect cuff by Sherry Serafini.  It will be stunning in just Red, White and Silver and I cannot wait to upload it even though it is a tad behind the Reveal date.

Ahhhhh, if I only had to bead instead of work and bead.  :)

Bead Angel.....for Genny Smith

I was fortunate to be asked by Genny Smith ( my wonderful Chainmaille teacher ) if I would do a pattern test of 3D La Mesa Sunset Pendant.  We had went back and forth on the clasp for it and I had come up with a Herringbone strip in the back.....but after careful thought the pendant slides.  Since I did this piece for Jennifer and I am working on the Simple spiral rope, I'll take it centrally until a new idea is designed.....
Great piece Genny, well written and easy to follow.

Genny will be teaching this pattern at Beads and Baubles in Ft. Pierce, FL.  Stop by and enjoy.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

And now for another great Blog visit offer.

Please visit to look at the wonderful assortment of Birthday gifts that are being given away:
s far as I remember, last year I forgot to celebrate my birthday with a blog giveaway, but this year I don't want to miss it - that is why I launch the giveaway 2 days before my birthday (August 26) :)  
This time I give away 3 packs: 
  • Pack A is a polymer clay jewelry set with a lace pattern
  • Pack B is a set of polymer clay cabochons handmade by me; 
  • Pack C is a surprise pack! It will be some kind of jewelry but you won't know what before you receive it! (not necessarily coming in the box on the picture below)

You can enter by filling in the form under the picture; deadline is midnight September 9,  2012, I'll draw winners the next day.

How delightful, I am going to have to think of something grand for my Birthday.....

A current update on Fused Fireline for Bead Embroidery

As you know, we are always reviewing Beading Mediums and the MidSouth Bead Retreat Yahoo Group and Beaddreamz group have updated the group on one of our favorite products, FIRELINE:

As follows:
From their site, it seems that crystal and smoke only come in fused, which
might be why you were told that. The braided line only comes in moss green
and "tracer", whatever that is. Blaze orange and flame green are also only

Thanks, Kassie
The Beading Butterfly

> That's interesting, Jeanne...I called the company about it this summer,
> and they said while it may say 'braided', it isn't. THe 4# I have is fused,
> and yes, it is a PITA to keep on all but my size 13 needles- their holes
> are really thin, so it helps alot.
> Can you send me a piece of the braided you have?just a small one? I would
> like to put it under the magnifier at school...
> I was under the impression, again, from talking to the customer service
> rep(after being shuttled to 5 different people!), that the only braided
> they have is called Power Pro. It is the same material as Fireline, just
> braided, instead of fused...I would hate to think they lied to me!
> Yes, settling in fine- having 'fun' getting internet set up (HATE
> satellite, slower than dial-up and expensive) and we have found that the
> cellular mi-fi works pretty well, with a booster. We got it set up late
> last night enough to answer an email before bed. We may have to go to a
> stronger booster unit, with thicker cable and be outside, but will try this
> out first, as it is half the cost!
> Thanks for telling me about this, and you can be sure I will investigate
> further.
> I really like the Dandyline braided, and at $5 a roll for the same 125
> yards, is easier on the wallet!!
> Aryd'ell
> Sent from Samsung tabletJeanne Evans <> wrote:Hi
> Aryd'ell:
> I just did a Google search on 'fireline braided vs. fused' as both kinds
> are listed on the manufacturer's website - Berkley.  On some fishing forums
> I glanced at, the posts all seem to agree that braided Fireline is thinner
> than the same pound/test of Fireline fused.  They also say that the
> braided, being thinner, is not as strong as the fused type.  Seems to me I
> heard somewhere quite a while ago that Berkley only made the fused in the
> higher pound/test weights; I just checked their site and they do sell both
> he braided and the fused in the 6 lb. test that we beaders use most of the
> time.
> I've used the 4 lb. braided - so thin the needle kept sliding off
> it....took me a while to get comfortable handling 4 lb. Fireline.  I have
> used the 8 and 10 pound, both of which are fused that I have.
> Are you moved?  New address?  Getting organized?
> Best wishes!
> Jeanne
> Jeanne Evans
> Paterson, New Jersey

Inquiring Minds want to know..... :)