Sunday, April 15, 2012

Student Extraordinaire

Catherine Russell finished her newest Beaded Cuff and wished to bring it to Beads and Baubles for photographing while I was teaching in Ft. Pierce:  Spectacular and she modeled both creations with hugs.  I was her mentor and had helped her develop her courage to Bead Embroider.  I was over whelmed with her

Catherine Russell...Student Extraordinaire

Mint and Peace Cuff.  First Cuff 

compliments but look at her color combinations.  Just outstanding.  She is an artist in her own right....... Next Class....Beaded Collars.   Visions of Sherry Serafini will be dancing in our heads.

Still Deficient in Blogging.

Still deficient in Blogging.  Making sure I start taking the IPAD to work so when I have a moments break at work I can catch up with all of the wonderful Beady things that happen over the weekend and during the week.

Hummm, so let us start with Ernie....he is the first Bird arrival from the Yahoo Group Bead Bird 1 Round Robin.  Ernie belongs to Ruth Osbourne in Dewey, AZ.  Since he was my first, I spent time in contemplation and then he just came alive.  I ended up doing his BUTT Feathers as I started laughingly calling the process. I was amazed in how he developed and even though it took me a week or so to get used to the curved needles, I am hooked when it comes to using them on 3-Dimensional forms.  I used the John James #10 curved and I am now a fan.  Ernie will be heading off to Deej tomorrow so she can complete a piece and I just received my second RR piece which is Dian's Bird.  Ruth Osbourne did her first.  Photo's to follow

Saturday, April 14, 2012

So many little time

Amazing the amount of beading you can fit into small breaks and what time you have during the evening..... do others have amazing shortcut's on finding time for multiple projects?

In my amazing effort to catch up with all of the amazing beading things that have happened over the past month, let us start with 4/7/2012.  I had been requested to hold a Workshop at my house for the local Chapter of NAWIC ( National Association of Women In Construction ) Tri-County Chapter.  Their President Lisa Seavy also works at Gerelco and love's to make jewelry.  They wanted to do Wire Wrapping and I thought it was a perfect environment.  So we had a morning early afternoon workshop and showed the ladies how to work and maneuver Wire.  They did fabulous and each participant left with two bracelets and a pair of earrings....  AWESOME JOB Ladies....

Then my wonderful Bead Embroiderer Catherine Russell was feeling insecure on putting her new cuff on a Brass Blank so she headed over when she found out I had students here.....
Her creation and use of colors are outstanding.  And once I showed her how easy it was to use a Brass Blank....she was on a roll.