Sunday, February 16, 2014

Raven's Call Designs......

Wow, there is a lot of work in setting up a jewelry business.  Whew! But Raven's Call has come to fruition.
Just setting up a Facebook page and linking to the, do I really want a website?


As usual I would just love to be beading or creating.  I'll see if I can set my mind that the website is just a creative process.

I've found the Mascot, now just to finish the design.

I'll be having the business cards and earring cards completed in the next two weeks.  Raven's Call Designs? 
The Raven has always been associated with Wisdom and the Crone.  How appropriate! 
And then there is always the Art Work of the SteelGoddess.

2014 Florida Jewelry Artist Bead Retreat

Florida Jewelry Artist Yahoo Group Retreat 
the 7th through the 10th of February 2014

A lovely 4 day retreat held at the Walker Cottage at Advent Christian Park in Live Oak, Florida.  We had four days of wonderful classes, food and friendships renewed and new friendships made.  I taught Bead Embroidery ( Pendant ), Anne Hess taught Angels in Disquise, Genny Smith taught Chandelier Chainmaille
earrings, Maria Hormaza taught Bead Crochet and Suzanne Bang taught Soutache and Viking Knit.  Our comprable Kitchen Goddess Suzie Griffis kept us fed and happy as little snausages with homemade breakfast and luch fixings for each day.  Our Evening Chef Teams really offered a great menu and I don't believe anyone went to bed hungry.
First Row:  Deborah Apodaca, Sue Harney
Second Row: Jamie, Maria Hermoda, Genny Smith, Catherine, Anne Hess, Suzie Griffis, Sharon Beecher,
Sandy Alexander, Nancy Lambert
Third Row:  Harleen, Sharon, Suzanne, Susan Barrett, Alice Silva, Sherry Groves, Carolyn Bown,
I was amazed at the students in Bead Embroidery, they kept adding to their projects during each Open Class.  With two beginning Bead Embroiderer's, Rose completed her first BE project before we left.

Cabachon by Deborah Apodaca

Maria Hormaza Cabachon

I must thank Anne Hess for allowing us to streeetchhh our creativity.  I have worked with Fabric and Beadwork, but this made us step further in developing an Angel in Disquise and there was not one doll that
was alilke.  Anne also reinforced those of us that teach that we truly are Designers.  A concept that I have had a hard time acknowledging as I know I have so much still to learn.  Thank you Anne.

Now, the special reveal of all of the " Angels in Disguise ":
Catherines Angel in Disguise
Genny Smiths " Angel in Disguise"  Face Cab by Graphixoutpost on ETSY.
Suzie Griffis Angel

Deborah Apodaca Angel

Anne Hess, Genny Smith and Deborah laying out the Angels 

Genny Smith Chainmaille Class was simple but elegant with Chandelier Earrings.  We did learn to work with
chaining and the proper way to cut at different lengths for this effect.

Suzanne Bang taught Soutache which I had not worked in since the Bead Soup 2013.  I elected to do a
pendant instead of earrings and started with my Dragonfly Button.  It was fun working in Soutache but I really did miss my pin cushion.  Note to self:  Bring it next year.
I did complete the " There Be Dragons " Dragon Scale in copper but will show this on the next blog post of completed projects.  Dragonscale is a new favorite. Well actually, I don't think I have a chainmaille pattern that I do not like.

I believe the most interesting technique I learned at this retreat was using Air Dry Clay ( Crayola Clay ) and using preset molds for cabachons.  Anne Hess taught us that after the air drying was complete we could use Pearl-X and Metallic Rub ons with a tad bit of glitter to create the most beautiful pieces I have seen in a long while.

 This just adds an additional depth to cabachon's.

And then our February Retreat would not be complete without the Birthday Girls....... each year we celebrate the Birthday's of Genny Smith, Bebee Goddard and Sharon.

And finally, a big Shout Out to Suzie Griffis for our annual " Stone Crab " feast.......thank you Suzie!
They were divine.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Tantilizing hints.....just returned from the Florida Jewelry Artists Bead Retreat.....

Hint....been a tad quiet the past five days.  Just returned from the Florida Jewelry Artists Retreat.   Look
for all the incredible photographs, projects and the talented artists that participated.

I know, what a tease.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Last Week of January 2014.... it was a Chainmaille week among other things.

Quite a busy chainmaille week going here for the last week of January 2014.  Standard Open Rounds with Swarovski Bicones, Romanov Earrings with pearls, Snow and Ice Earrings with Bicones, a new weave called " Vetrebrae ", and the starting of " There Be Dragons......Dragon Weave " of course.

Then I started a new weave I was a little intimidated by......Dragonweave.  Genny Smith, chainmaille teacher extraordinaire....made the learning experience a breeze...... now, there be Dragons!  A slower weave but stunning.  I'll post Dragonweave when complete.

I also became darn intent on teaching myself " Leather Wrap Bracelets "....... I found a great tutorial at
Fusion Beads... : and sat with my first wrap bracelet.
I used a antique vintage murano glass button  but am very pleased with the results.   Needless to say, I've ordered more Leather Cording and multiple colors.

This is the test piece and I see double and triple wrapped bracelets on the horizon.
Completed another 27mm Swarovski Rivoli with matching earrings with a size 15  Simple Spiral rope with handmade clasp.  I call it " Snowy Egret ".  With the white it is a tad difficult to get a good photograph but I'll keep trying.

And to complete the weekly pieces...  Cabbing at the St. Lucie Rock and Gem Club.

A beautiful piece of Azurite with Malachite:  This will be my Bead Embroidery Sample that I teach at the
Florida Jewelry Artists Retreat next weekend.  I cabbed this with a little thickness for Bead Embroidery.

And I completed a wonderful 48mm Oval of Moss Agate.  When you shine a light through the back it is just
stunning.  After pondering, I developed a way to keep the backing of the Bead Embroidery cut to see the light through this stone.  I would not like to loose the beauty of this Cabachon.  You can see each piece of
Moss when the light shines through.

Delightful Delivery from Pine Ridge Treasures.....

Excited to say that our kits have started to arrive for the Pine Ridge Treasures " Under the Sea Blog Hop " and I chose the  May 31st reveal date.......Lisa Lodge has really kept us going with her blog hops this year.
The funny thing is that when this kit arrived I already designed the main piece that night.......I am not usually a
stringing bead artist but when a design arrives with an go with it.