Sunday, April 20, 2014

On the Bead Board 20th April 2014

Spending time working on Phase 1 of 3 for the Bead Soup Blog Party which is coming up in two weeks.
As you know I cannot post any photo's yet but my partner Chris Eisenberg and I are just posting away with each other.  I cannot wait to present on May 3rd and tell you a little about Chris.

I also have my Azurite/Malachite piece on the board:  The Cab I cut myself and this is an evolving work in

I also have our current " Yahoo Round Robin-Under the Sea " to finish up before the 1st.  I swear!  Work is
really interferring with beading.

" FAE ", my Anne Hess " Garden Party Doll" has been completed

She is done.  Lovely little " Fae ".  Now she can play with her cousins " Ruby Red Lips " by Sarah Clark
Bromley and " Flora " by Deborah Apodaca.

Tada.......  I actually enjoyed working on her.  A totally different approach for our standard Round Robin forms and so much detail can be added.  Just think of the possibilities. But then, the credit needs to go to Anne Hess, teacher extraordinaire.  Her pattern and techniques were flawless and let to total creativity.
Each of our " Garden Dolls " are exquistily different and it is just awesome seeing them together.

As per my first post, yes ladies, those are all 15's.  Total glutton for punishment but look at that face.

Thank you Anne, what a lovely new technique and I can see that the " Ladies of the Evening " will be taking this alot further than originally thought!  Stop by and visit Anne:

Monday, April 14, 2014

Shibori Ribbon Blog Hop Challenge April 14, 2014

The Shibori Ribbon Blog Hop Challenge which is hosted by the lovely Tanya Goodwin who was my Bead Soup partner last year has arrived.  Tanya sent Shibori Ribbon samples to each of the participants below and today's is the reveal date.  

Here is the participant list:

Catherine  ( you are here )

Just right click on each lady listed above and you can visit each website to view what can be done with Shibori.  Shibori ribbon was brought to popularity by Sherri Sarafini and now each Bead Embroiderer has been taking this specialized Silk ribbon new new heights.  Cuffs, handbags, neckpieces, a very versitile textile that just, " oozes bead embroidery ".  

My piece actually started at the Florida Jewelry Artist Retreat this past January when Anne Hess was presented, " Angels in Disguise " to our retreat group.  She demonstrated the use of Air Dry clay materials to develop face cabachons which we then use Metalic Rub ons and Pearl Ex pigments to highlight and add color to the air dryed cabachon.  Funny enough I had Tanya's Shirbori sample laid out on the project table next to the face cab and one of those " Wala Moments " occured.
This piece is currently a scarf pin but she has not stopped evolving and I see a handbag in her future......

  After visiting each participant leave us a note and tell us your thoughts.  

I would love to take a moment and thank Tanya for putting this Shibori Blog Hop together.  I had a blast!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Join us tomorrow......... Reveal of the Shirbori Blog Hop

Just a teaser of course but tomorrow is our reveal for the " Shibori Ribbon Blog Hop " designed and hosted by Tanya Goodwin of " A Work In Progress ",

Stop by and take a look at what Tanya, Maryanne, Alenka, Carolyn, Mary, Christine, Sharyl, Therese and myself come up with based on the Shibori Ribbon cut sent by Tanya to each participant.

Just a reminder of the Shibori Ribbon.

A Little Bit of This and A Little Bit of That.........

I find it amazing at times at how fast our daily lives go by but how much I really do get accomplished..... so, with a Little Bit of This and a Little Bit of That, filling in with the Shibori
Ribbon Blog Hop and Challenge as hosted by Tanya Goodwin and spending a delightful two days
in Anne Hess's Garden Party Doll Class I also had spent time taking Arlene Lazarro's Scrapbook Bracelet class at the Palm Beach Rock and Gem Club in West Palm Beach, FL.  This was the class that Deborah, Gen and Sarah was able to take where I had work commitments.  It was delightful,
 " Pounding on copper, annealing, pounding ", what a great stress reliever.

And now..... the final project:

The Ladies also began " Metal Impressions " with Joe David at the St. Lucie Rock and Gem Club.  Deborah Apodaca, Susan Barrett, Sarah Clark Bromely, Genny Smith..... well darn, half the Ladies of the Evening group.  They actually let me " Flame On", the first night with copper fittings and our second night was working with the Rolling Mill and making impressions on the metal.

This was using 60 grit sandpaper.  What a lovely pattern.  I think this will be dog tags........

Then of couse I cannot forget our " Under the Sea Beading Round Robin ".  I completed my portion of a lovely little Seahorse that belongs to Ruth.

And since Suzanne Bang my hand off partner was going to be at the Anne Hess doll class, we were able to exchange by hand. 

I still have to post the lovely selection I recieved from my Bead Soup 8 partner Chris Eisenberg, but that will have its own post.

The incomprable Anne Hess....Doll Artist extraordinaire

This past Sunday and Monday Anne Hess gave a lovely Garden Party Doll class at Beads and Baubles in Ft. Pierce.  This would be a class " not for the faint of heart ",  as the techniques of doll making would be far beyond what we were beading in the Yahoo Beaded Art Doll Group.  Anne did not dissapoint us in the least.  Deborah Apadoca, Sarah Bromley, Susan Barrett, Alice Salvia, Sandie Alexander ( yep, those Ladies of the Evening girls ), Suzanne Bang ( a soon to be Lady ),   Judy Atwood, Jane Weeks and Ms. Molly had just a wonderful two days working with Anne.  Lot's of laughing, lot's of " Hummms! just a delightful two days spent with good friends and beading.  What could be better?

As always, Deborah kept the film going so we have lots of photographs to share.  Suzanne Bang finished her doll in class, Sarah recently completed " Ruby Red Lips " and Deborah just completed Flora as I was completing the Shibori Blog piece:
Stop by and visit Deborahs blog as she finished Flora.  Now I will be working on Fay ( my fairy garden party doll ).  I believe Deborah said it best.  Her face is serene.

Yes.....size 15 beads.  Gluton for punishment.

Now to some great photographs of the two days and if you have the opportunity to take a class with Anne
you will never be dissapointed.
Anne and her " Garden Party Dolls "

Anne Hess, Debroah Apodaca, Myself, Molly, Suzanne Bang and Jane Weeks

Alice Salvia, Sandy Alexander, Susan Barrett ( Owner of Beads & Baubles, out hostess),  Judy Atwood and Sarah Clark Bromley.
Anne showing the technique for stuffing the form.

the Beginning of Suzanne Bangs party doll

Suzannes doll with skirt, hair and arms

Final piece and a great smile by Suzanne

There will be more to the story as I complete Fay. But stop by and see Deborah's lovely creation and
Sarah Clark Bromely lovely Ruby Red Lips.