Friday, November 28, 2014

Boy! Have I been slacking....

Here I am telling Valorie Clifton how to bring more activity to her blog and look at me-----slacking.
I really do have a great excuse, " I've been chaining and beading and chaining and beading.  I have so much going the the Grey Matter that I had to use my sisters " Aura Cacia- Grey Matter Batter" in our diffusers.

Getting use to the new job which is not as stressful or strenous as my last position in Florida and they do let me chain or bead at work.  Which is a plus.  There are moments when I miss the Non-Stop to The Walls daily routine but maybe it is meant to be this way.  That means I can focus on Beading and Chain Mailling and it has given me the opportunity to decide I will work on a website and activating my ETSY site as well.  It always reminds me that the Universe guides us on which way to go..... hence,  I actually won another item:

" Weave Got Maille " and the Wednesday Give Aways.  There wonderful Autumn Jump Rings.....
I can already envision what I will make with these.  I'm on a Byzantine Roll right now and Deborah Apodaca and Genny Smith won as well.

Secondly, Valorie was gracious enough to share her " Eye of Sauron " ( Yes....yes... another Tolkein fan ).  Another reason to visit Nix Creations on ETSY.  Not sure how well that will go in Cherokee, NC but what the heck.

Deborah has been sending me items and U-Tube info for working in Word Press. Org to set the site.  I have also been looking at " Square Space ".  Hopefully I can make up my mind in the next two weeks.  I know it will be a lot of work, but it will be worth it.  I have people ask me weekly if I have
a Website after they see me walking through with my work trays.

So chainmaille wise:  Mastered " Double Vision " and " Lovers Knot".  Those mobius's are falling right into place as a left hander.

I've been working with Jodey Savitt Hathaway on her " Skull Burst " kits.  They are so awesome, especially for that " Harley Dude " in your life,  I've been making my own 2 and 2 for my chains and they really work well together.  If you participate on the Chain Maille group on Facebook, you will see us posting back and forth along with Michael Ball and quite a few others.

and now to the Skullbursts.....


Of course I have been Beadweaving and Bead Embroidering as well.  I loved the,, "Coronation Day Pendant" in Beadwork Aug/Sept 2014 by Evelina Palmontova.  Even though I am not a glitzy rope necklace person I had a blast with the Pendants and they set off a ribbon so well.

Worked them up in Purple, Gold/Amber/Pink and Green/Gold.
I played with " Four Corners " by Michelle McEnroe from the Aug/Sept 2013 Beadwork.  As I am not in the typical Florida setting, the more simplified " Four Corners " is cute on a ribbon as well. Attempting to find a happy medium between the Florida Bling and the Simplified Western North Carolina will take up my time over the next two months.  As well as finding some awesome 10mm rounds.  :)

Simply stated.  I should make earrings to go with these.

I have two pieces on the Bead Embroidery Board and two pieces to BE the clasps.  The BE pieces are with cabachon's that I cabbed and I have taken them all the way through to a perfect setting.  They will reveal when they are done.

I recieved my Round Robin doll from the " 2014 Flower Child 2 Round Robin.  Her name is Brigid and the request was for Red, White, Black and Gold to match the polymer face.

She came out lovely.  Beaders for this Round Robin were - Bev Moon - Ruth Osborne - Dian Moore - Suzanne Bang - Aryd'ell Hotelling and myself.  What a great group of ladies.

In closing some family fun - I am the proud rescue parent of Dracula....yes, that is what the original owers called this eight year old Cocker Spaniel.  He was surrendered to FL Cocker Spaniel Rescue and I was lucky enough to get this lovely chap and it must have been meant to be.  They had another rescue member coming to Murphy, NC  ( bless you Wendy Dimick ) and Drac was brought to me.

That is my sister PK and I picking him up in Murphy, NC   He's fitting in nicely with the herd.

I am sure that there is more that could be this is Thanksgiving weekend I'll spend time blogging for sure.

Next topic:  " Resolutions for 2015 "  What will be your beady resolutions?