Monday, August 31, 2015

The Smell of Beading in the Air and a new Blog Hop

Don't you just love it when you feel the " Beading Itch " after being withdrawn for a few weeks?  Yes!  I feel it returning.  I'm looking at colors - fabrics - beads - dimensions - just totally fabulous things. 

Now - how lovely is this?  Summery - Clean - Warm..... just awesome.  I can envision a new project for next summer.

A new " Blog Hop " called Superstition......  Yes!  My type of Halloween Blog Hop. 
Tammy Adams of the Paisley Lizard has developed Polymer Focals ( 29 of us ) and they will be the center piece of our design.  We have a very nice line up of ladies.  The spooky thing is - " There were 29 Focals and 29 Sign ups.  How delightful.
As we get closer I will post the blog list for you to visit.

And then of course - A very treasured picture.  The Central Florida Bead Society had their retreat this past weekend and Kinga Nichols was coming back to teach.  I could not go with everything going on in my life but I had good friends in attendance from our " Ladies of the Evening ".  I sent an email to Anne Hess and asked if she could get a picture of Kinga with her , Genny Smith and Susan Barrette and look what I received.

This is the greatest gift I could ever receive........ Thank you ladies.  From Left to Right :  Kinga Nichols ( Artist Extraordinaire ) - Anne Hess ( Another Artist Extraordinaire ) - Genny Smith ( the Chainmaille Goddess ) and Susan Barrett ( the lady that started it all ). 

I had a very eventful SCA Hawkwood event on Saturday so please stop on by to the SCA page in the next day and catch a look at some wonderful events.  Give me a day and it will be up for perusing.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Cross Post - for the SCA page

Just a quick catch up as the beading is still Non-Stop, the drawings and designs are still going and I am looking forward to posting a few " How to's "...... but in the meantime please take a moment and
visit Patrick Duggan's blog post on " How many beads for a Rivoli "?  The post is quite informative and does give great thought to the process.  I know out of the many times I have taught to bezel a Rivoli or a Cabachon there has always been the count factor depending on the medium used.  These actually turned out to be some of my best classes.  Why you say?  Because of the creativity of each artist on how they bezzeled a piece or completed a piece.  I'll have to gather up the photographs of each creative beauty after the class was done. 

Patricks Blog Site :

You can also read his " How it came together - on his Battle of the Beadsmith 2015.

Now on to a current completion.  I have always wanted a handmade Needle Book.  It must be an obsession of bead artists to collect an unknown count of beading needles - sewing needles - Beaded Art Doll needles - just every type of needle imaginable.  So I designed the following needle book using my persona in the SCA where I will be teaching Bead Embroidery in October.  I was actually quite happy with the book and I finally got to use the Singer that I just acquired. 

As most of my garb is Celtic " Scottish " in the Amber and green colors, I think it came out very well.  Finally got to use those pinking shears too!   I see visions of Beaded Garb in my future.

I have missed the " Blog Hop " competitions and I've just signed up for two new Blog Hops - Superstition and the Macabre Dance ".  Yes - it is that time of the year soon.  I'll post more as the particulars come to light.