Friday, November 23, 2012

" Ripple Effect " a BeadWork Pattern by Sherri Sarafini

I am enjoying having a four day holiday weekend.  It was a blessed Thanksgiving Day and I have just been
cranking away organizing the Bead Stash and completing projects.  I have the Beading Babes Reveal coming up and I did complete " Ripple Effect " a June/July 2011 Beadwork pattern by Sherry Serafini.  I can't help it....... I just love her patterns.  This was one pattern for the past Beading Babes challenge, so I'll post there as well.  I found a wonderful cabachon in reds/whites and the piece just blossomed from there.

I also completed my portion of Jo Adams Teapot.  I completed the front portion with lovely purple sequins.  It just set it right off.  Now that Deej has broken her hand, I will complete the teapot handle and then ship it on to Jo.
Isn't she lovely? 

Monday, November 19, 2012

Florida Jewelry Artist Retreat Group Gathering

What a great few days in O'Steen, FL.  Bebee and Hank Goddard graciously opened their home to 10 women from the FL Jewelry Artist Retreat Group and we had a blast just enjoying each others company.
It was a first for me as my photo was taken enjoying the gathering on Friday night.
Bebee and Hank fed us Pizza and Italian on Friday night and a wonderful BBQ Steak and Baked Potatoes on Saturday night.  Saturday was pot luck as the Day participants arrived.  WOW! What a spread.  Diana and her Mom gave us our Main Course of Arroz Con Pollo.  Amazing food.

Our Host and Hostess-Hank and Bebee Goddard

Attending was Nancy, Bebee, Alice Silva, Deborah, Annie, Diana, Ana, Suzie, Dian's Mom, Diga, Suzies daughter Lauren and her new one month old Izzy and of course our instructor for the day, Genny Smith.

The project for this retreat was Roller Beads by Carole Lampole a October 2012 Bead and Button pattern.  

Each person completed at least one Roller Bead.  Annie Hesse completed five and I completed three.  Wait till you see those Hot Pink Swarovski pearls in real life.
Anne Hesse Roller Beads

Mine with that Hot Pink Swarovski Pearl.
They are addicting little projects, kind of like Lay's Potato can't eat just one.
Deborah finished her bead in spite of a hand and arm injury....Awesome Deb.

We had our first cyber meetup with Aryd'ell joining us in making Roller Beads. 
You can see her unique and very pretty version here:\

It was a wonderful gathering.  I also completed the Holiday Bling Blog Hop piece for Marlene Cupo but cannot post until the 15th of December..... Hint.....hint....

Sunday, November 11, 2012

And just a little hint for Reveal Two.....

Reveal Two is on the board and it would not be possible without a wonderful piece prepared by Laura Mears ( how incredible is that )......  just a hint for those of you that have the book and the story that goes with it is just as wonderful.

Spirit of Bead Embroidery-Reveal One

Reveal One is complete.  In Heidi Kummili " Spirit of Bead Embroidery ", I had challenged myself to complete Heidi's projects and a few examples this year in my own interpretation.  A " Julia and Julia " type of event with each Reveal being blogged as I progressed.

Reveal One is Heidi's " Owl Bracelet " with a few changes of my own based on the product I had on hand.  Of course " Laura Mears" Owl is the center piece of this enchanting bracelet.  I was able to acquire those lovely Natural Bugle Beads and I have already found numerous uses for them.  You will see a few other changes in my completion but I am very pleased with Project One.

This is the book that started it all.........

Please let me know your thoughts and enjoy and of course thank you Heidi and Laura for the inspiration.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Beaded Art Doll Round Robin Teapot 3

I complete this wonderful piece and sent it off to Debra " Deej " Peck for her turn.  It was the first time I had considered Sequins and I just loved them.  Just lots of bling and doing the spout and the handle were a big trip as well.  PATIENCE.....just lot's of PATIENCE... Dont' you just love the hair?

This is Joyce " JO " Hollimans wonderful Teapot in the Round.  I have learned to love working on the Art Doll Forms.  Very relaxing.  Just recieved Joetta Adams Teapot and then only one more after that and I receive mine......

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

My First Blog Hop.......Yippeee.......and it is a blingy one to boot!

I get to experience my first Blog Hop while I await the Bead Soup Exchange to begin.....actually,
I am excited and of course it got those creative juices flowing for the Holidays.....

My exchange partner is Marlene Cupo


1.      Contact your HBBH#2 partner and between the two of you decide what you would like to exchange. It can be pretty much anything you agree upon, as long as its "holiday' themed.

                 Done...... Marlene was so easy to please as she is a polymer artist and I am a Bead Embroider.
2.        Add the attached blog hop button/gadget to your blog's sidebar (this is optional but will bring readers back!)
3.          Mailout your item by November 17th. PLEASE Post a Delivery Confirmation # on the Facebook group page.
4.          Keep in touch with your partner, post on our Facebook group page once you receive your partner's creation!
    Blog on Saturday, December 15th , share what you created for your partner, the process you used and what you received from your partner.

Your partner for Holiday Bling Blog Hop #2 is: Marlene Cupo her e-mail address is:
And of course when I was contacted, I sat down and drafted a new RAW ( Right Angle Weave ) piece.....I'll photograph the journey but I cannot post until the 15th of December.