Friday, October 17, 2014

ARRRGHH! Inventory. I hate doing inventory.

Thoughts here ladies !  While preparing for a small show in Franklin, NC " Pumpkin Fest " , next weekend I had to review inventory.  How many pieces were tagged and photographed.  What was still lacking to be placed in inventory and do I have enough product.  Gosh,this really takes away from beading time, chainmaille time, just all kinds of time.

Has anyone developed a system of recording product?   I would love to hear everyones idea's on this.

Monday, October 13, 2014

The luxury of Shibori Silk.

I must say that my first experience with Shibori was with Sherry Serafini's class at Crystal Creations in West Palm Beach.  My first cuff that was completed in class was sold to a dear friend when we met at Chili's for dinner one night.  Well, I just could not let the Shibori Ribbon just sit in the drawer. I finished this one this past weekend and did share with " The Ladies of the Evening " for critiquing. I think I will continue to work in this medium and it has that "quilting" feel to it and yet it is a elegant backround for Bead Embroidery.  Besides, who can resist the use of the LunaSoft cabs.  Yummy!

                                                           " Are you Blue ? "

Wonderful Bead Stash Giveaway......

Valorie Clifton is having a Bead Giveaway.  A Yummy Bead Giveaway.  Not only is she looking to build her blog following ( sound familiar ) but she is looking to find the answer to that impending question we all face.  " Lack of Motivation ".  How do you or I stay motivated and what have we done to motivate outselves on projects?  I know, we all have a ton of UFO ( Unfinished Projects ) where we look and say, " Did I start that last year?  The year before?  Darn, where is the pattern? " and of course there are just mornings where you do not even want to think about picking up a needle or a set of pliers.  But it is a good question and I hope I gave a good answer.

Of course, I shared for you all on Facebook and subscribed to her blog.  Not sure how I missed her blog as she is one of the original  BEAD MAVENS.  But these are my thoughts on how to stay motivated.

1.)  I make myself participate in a beading Round Robin.  It keeps my calendar set and keeps me focused on priorities.  I bead in a Art Doll group and our ladies change at the start of each round robin keeping us fresh with ideas.

The next one will get groans but it keeps me focused and darn do I come up with some great ideas to boot.

2.)  I get up one hour before the household, either 4:00 am or 5:00 am.  Walk the dogs, make the coffee....the SHIZAM......I start working.  When the household leaves I am already in the groove.

So visit her site:
VC Artisan Originals- The Bead Zealot

and leave a few comments yourself.  Who knows, you may be the lucky winner.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Settling in North Carolina.......I've never had two weeks off..... AMAZING!

The Studio is organzied and projects on on the Bead and Chainmaille Boards.  I've never been able to
devote continued work to beading or chaining.  It is " kind of weird".  But I have been completing projects to include the Nutty Byzantine by Genny Smith.  It is standard Byzantine components with 12/32 SS Hex Nuts.

I made a 18" Necklace with a 7" bracelet.  It believe it came out very nice, especially for the " Gear Head " type of group.  Once the weave component was perfected, it wove very nicely.  I am on to 
Aurelio's Tuercas Bracelet with SS Hex Nuts.  A very nice bracelet for a guy.

I stopped off at the Cherokee Craft Supply store and found a wonderful Celtic Button.  You know my bezeling addiction.  Wallaah!

I wold love to complete one without the swarovski bicones.  It is a very striking piece and PK had the perfect neck chain to go with it.  

Currently finishing my new Shibori Cuff " Are you Blue? " and I'll post new photo's when she is complete.  

I cannot say " I am bored".  Nope!  Not going to happen.