Sunday, October 6, 2013

And then.....finally " What is on the Loom? "

Yes, the looms have sat by until now.

What is on the Loom ( my second love )? :

I have come to the conclusion that my work is really interferring with my beadwork :)  For those of you that know me, the looms are always sitting with a project with my magnetic board next to it.  It is a continual progression.


  1. Oh, I am in love with that pattern!!! Is it yours? I've got a loom (cheap one) and a pattern, now to get the nerve up to get started. I'd love any advice you can pass along! :)

  2. Beautiful pattern Catherine. I took a class in looming and I don't know if it was the teacher or me, but I came away from the class unsatisfied. I did how ever buy a loom and have a pattern that I want to try. I guess I am like Shirley I just need to string it up and go for it.