Friday, March 15, 2013

Holiday Bling Blog Hop III

16th of March 2013....tada.....the Reveal.  Today is our Reveal for the Holiday Bling Blog Hop III and I am looking forward to see all of the wonderful items that each reveal partner put together based on their chosen holiday.

My partner for this Blog Hop is Shelley Graham Turner, one of our moderators and she was gracious enough to allow me to choose the Holiday for us to create and exchange.  After thinking, well, we could do
St. Patricks Day, Valentines just about any Holiday during this season, I wanted to do Easter, one of my most favorite times of the year.  Spring is in full bloom, flowers, blue skies, warmth, family, faith, just a beautiful time of the year.  Easter it was.  Then, I had to consider what I knew about Shelley.  A Polymer Artist, moderator, a very busy lady.  What to make?  What was my most favorite thing to wear for easter?   PEARLS!  Yes, pastels and pearls.  I had just recieved a grouping of patterns from Ella2 and she had some lovely patterns for pearls.  I didnt want anything too " foofy " as my sister says and selected a lovely pattern that could either dress up or dress down and then selected the pearls.  As a consumate BeadWeaver, she came together nicely.

When the mailing time came, Shelley would be running late in her mailing due to a family loss and of course, my heartfelt love and understanding was offered with an understanding to " take her time".  Family was so important.  But that is her story to share.  In due time I recieved a lovely box from Shelley and of couse wasting no time in opening her gift, what did I see?..........How perfect!

I just love it and will use this as the centerpiece for my Easter decorations.  Thank you Shelley and Marlene for having me in this Blog Hop.  Each one I participate in, I learn about new techniques and challenges.

Now join me in visiting each participant for the " Holiday Bling Blog Hop III " and enjoy each person's interpretation of their chosen Holiday.

Alicia Marinache

Catherine King        You are here.......

Lennis Carrier

Thursday, March 14, 2013

And then of course.......

While at Bebee Goddards for our February retreat we visited Beads, Etc. in Maitland and I came across a lovely creation in " Right Angle Weave " my favorite stitch...... And darn it, I just had to
go home and design the pattern myself.  The best part is Genny Smith did one as well with 3mm Fire Polish stones. 

I'll be completing a pattern with modifications and there are considerable differences from the original I saw, but this is just a great bracelet.  Of all things, I had miss ordered a group of 4mm Bicones from our Fire Mountain Group ( wrong color ) and they fit perfectly on this design.  Every
other RAW Opening instead of each RAW opening.   I'll be making more of these.

And then.....the newest Beaded Art Doll Round Robin

And our Yahoo Group Beaded Art Doll Round Robin ( Happy Feet )  for February is: 

She wanted a Halloween theme for her Shoe form and look how lovely this came out.  Definately a Witches Shoe.  Karan Parker did the tail section with the spikes and the Spider Web.  I did the face,
cabachons and body.  I was so blessed that I had those size 11 beads that matched Karans beadwork.

I just recieved " Betty Boop "...... more on that later. 

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

March......Where is the time springing too?

March 12th and so much as happened and I have had the Non-Stop Creativeness going.  Where has the time gone?  I have way too much blogging to do, so I'll break it into Baby Steps.....Of course, all
the events happening this week and next week will have to be detailed as well.  I do have one reveal
on Saturday for my Holiday Bling Blog Hop with my partner " Shelley Graham Turner ".  We chose
" Easter " for our Holiday Theme. 

I have also realized that I need to spend time on my own projects and even though I am touched by
everyone who sends me emails to participate in Blog Reveals and Group Reveals, I am going to have
to decline for the rest of the year with the exception of the Beaded Art Dolls Round Robins.  I have over twenty three projects awaiting for a reveal of their own.  My Heidi Kummili Challenge will be
formost at this time and the Tribal PowWow for the Long Hair Clan needs items for their booth in September.  I'll focus on those items for right now.

Hummm, so let me see.  Where do I start? 
How about the Florida Bead Retreat Yahoo Group?  Shall we start there?  I was asked to teach a
Bead Embroidery piece by Bebee Goddard using her wonderful Tea Tins to make pill boxes or
Treasure boxes. I think I rose to the occasion for Embroidery.   It turned out to be a lovely piece.
Inspired by the Heidi box in her " Spirit of Bead Embroidery " without the looming. 

And speaking of a retreat.  Hank and Bebee Goddard opened their lovely home to us again.  We have all become so comfortable at their home I cannot think of a more lovely retreat location in the entire state. 
We were blessed with talent for teachers:  Genny Smith taugh Chain Maille ( I've already made twenty Mermaid Tail Earrings ).  And I made my Birdsnest Ring.  It came out adorable.  Harleen taught a wonderful copper earring set...everyone pounded to their hearts content with the exception of
myself due to teaching restrictions, but I can visit Harleen in Nantahala and do them.  Our newest member Maria Hormaza ( another teacher from Beads, Etc. jumped right in and taught us how to make bead caps ( Herringbone, my nemesis ).  Of course there was Bebee, Sharon Beecher from Georgia, Sandie Alexander ( a hoot ) Alice, Susan Barrett of Beads and Baubles and Nancy from Titusville ( another hoot who really enjoyed her bead embroidery ).  And then of course Sharon, Harleens sister.  I felt blessed because Sharon gifted me her Polymer Clay items that she no longer felt a use for.  It was a beautiful gift of all kinds of goodies.  Sandie was gracious enough to drive Susan, Alice and myself in her lovely van.  We had so much room and everyone know's I do not travel light.  :)

We also celebrated three birthdays:  Genny Smith, Bebee Goddard and Sharon ( Harleens Sister ).
And a few photographs to share:
Genny Smith Bead Embroidery top

Mermaid Tail Chain maille Earrings

This evening, I'll continue on........