Saturday, June 30, 2012

Running Short on a Kit......ARRRGGGHHH!

Just one of those " Running short " day's.  LOL!  I've been working on my first " Two Drop Peyote " pattern by Lorraine at Trinity DJ and Javella Beads.....Fabulous pattern, Teal Butterfly Abstract " Double Take "....
I got the hang of the two drop in no time.....2/3 through... ran out of DB 1134 Opaque Currant.  Just sent a email to Janet since I will be leaving for NC on Friday.  

I'll roll into the next bird and start Elly in the Tropical colors and sculptured.  It's still a great Beady Day...
Best part Gen Smith just joined Bead Babes.....Yeah!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Helena Tang-Lim

What a wonderful email to wake up too......

Hello Catherine

Thank you so much for your participation in the Beading Babes Project 5 featuring Nefertiti and the Four Leaf Clover Cuff.

I am in awe of all the creativity that has resulted during the project. I am creating a special web page in the Gallery section of my website featuring as many of the projects as I can that came from this. I would be honoured if I can include your project(s) into this webpage. Each inclusion will carry your full name (unless you would rather provide a nickname or pseudonym) as well as a link to your blog post or FaceBook post for the project. If you are agreeable to being included, please send me by return e-mail 2 pictures of each project. The pictures should be no less than 800 pixels either in height or in width. If you would like to include a credit for the photographer as well, please do let me have the details. Once the page becomes live, I will post to the Beading Babes FaceBook wall to let you know.
In the meantime, as a gesture of thanks and a token of my appreciation for your participation, I have processed a refund to your Paypal account of USD6.00. You should be receiving notification from Paypal directly on this.
Once again, thank for your support and the honour. I do hope that I can look forward to your continued support of my projects and do hope that another of my projects will be chosen to be part of this very lovely and fun group.

Happy Beading!

Helena Tang-Lim

The Manek Lady
e-mail :

I do hope that Beading Babes does select another Helena pattern for a Group Reveal.  It was so much fun.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

June 24th, The Reveal for Beading Babes Project Five

Today was the day, the Reveal for Beading Babes-Bring Beader's Together.

I have only been a member of the International Group for above three months and this was my first time actually participating in a full reveal for Beading Babes.  The Artist: Helena Tang-Lim of Singapore.  I will not say that I have always admired her patterns for a very long time.  She has wonderful advanced patterns that I had put to the Wish List of course.  But Beading Babes had two to choose from.   One was the Echoes of Nefertiti Necklace featured in the June 2012 issue of Bead and Button and then the Group purchased Helena's Pattern from with acknowledging that we would post on Facebook and our Blogs.  The first time I saw Four Leaf Clover, I scanned over it.  The Reveal requirements made it to where I had to consider the pattern and once I completed bracelet #1.  I was hooked.  It is a wonderfully elegant pattern.

Then on to " Echoes of Nefertiti".  As I said before in the blog, this one brought out my Tribal DNA and low and behold, Turquoise and Silver.  I love the effects and have decided that this piece I will hold onto for awhile.

I sent bracelet #3 to Jennifer as her deploy gift with earrings:

Please visit Helena Tang-Lims website " Manek-Manek " and feast your eyes on treasures to be sure.
Thank you Beading Babes- I can't wait for Reveal 6.

Now, on to...... " Beading for a Cure", the next level..............

Sunday, June 17, 2012


Jennifer, my son's significant other, will leave for Okinawa on my Birthday for her " Navy tour of duty ".  I wanted to make her a gift to travel with, nautical of course.  So I am making another " Helena Tang-Lim " Four Leaf Clover in blue's with matching earrings.   With the Beading Babes reveal on the 24th of June, I can post when the reveals begin.  I have one completed with earrings and currently working on Echoes of Nefertiti and look forward to our reveal date.  I've enjoyed Helana's patterns and they are very user friendly.

I just look forward to her return in November and I know Michael does as well.  It will be a great Christmas gift.
Jennifer......Go Navy.

Dodging Deadlines for Multiple Project.......I just love the stress ( good Stress ) of it.

Talking about multiple deadlines........" Its all good ".  First, the completion of my Bead Embroidery Art Doll Round Robin of " Buttons ", Rolanda's Bird.  He took on a life of his own after I set the Venetian Button for his buttocks.
Rolanda's Buttons when he arrived

And he just evolved.....and evolved.....

The top of Button's with a few feathers

Needless to say, Button flew the coop on Saturday morning, just when Takaya the next bird on my list arrived.

The best part is they have decided on the next Round Robin for the Beaded Art Dolls Yahoo Group,  TeaPots....yes, teapots.  Kind of " Alice in Wonderland " without Johnny Depp.  Rolanda has been kind enough to make the forms in both Short Teapots and Large Teapots for the group.  I look forward to the day when I can just sew and bead all day.  But then, they would have to force me out of the house, LOL!
Ahhhhh, to retire.

Thursday, June 14, 2012


I just ordered the kit for Beading for a Cure ( Laney's Legacy ).  So, the commitment is now there.
When I ordered from " Beyond Beadery " I kept mulling it over and all of the sudden a design came to mind.
So, it was the jump out of bed and grab the sketchbook.   I know I cannot reveal and must complete the piece by August 28th but I feel I need to finish this piece and name it in some way after my Mother, Ellen.
Even though Laney's Legacy is for Colon Rectal cancer and not breast cancer.  All cancer's should be on our mind, therefore, Ellen's Legacy, I think  .

Please visit the site and determine if this is something you would like to participate in.  And remember,
this auction is where I was able to obtain one of my favorite artists " Heidi Kummili " pieces.

Wish me luck!

Monday, June 11, 2012

The completion of Lorraine's " Elly "

As a pattern tester, I just love that term.  I completed Elly for Trinity DJ on Monday night.  I used her color combination from Javelle Beads and completed the pattern in standard peyote.  Now I want to try the same

pattern in Sculptural Peyote.  I did have a few comments for this piece.  She advertised as peyote and brick stick for the pattern.  I recommended she break the two offerings for the pattern as these patterns are so in depth that it would daunt an Intermediate Beader in buying this pattern.  It would have taken days to modify it to Brick Stitch.  I would like the option of Brick/Loom and Peyote.  I also purchase another Bead Package from Javalle Beads, Magical Metamorphosis in Hot Pinks and a different colorway for the Sculptural piece.  I must be a glutton for punishment but I know I can do this.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Very Productive Weekend, Project Finished, Projects to Plan

Clasped and Completed my Blue Cuff, Clasped and Completed my Fire Polished RAW Bracelet with Vintage
flowers....developed a few projects in my mind for " Bead for the Cure and Colon Rectal Cancer. 2/3rd of the way completed through Lorraine's Peyote ( Guord ) cuff piece.  Spent a lovely Wednesday evening at the Club House with the " Ladies of the Evening " and admired Genny's color combination of Peach and Tangerine in her newest Cellini Spiral piece.  Enjoyed looking at Sabine's Book and Genny's just emailed me her Sabine pattern
for a classic centerpiece that I can just envision in Multiple Colors and techniques.  It was just an amazing weekend as I realized I could actual visualize a piece coming together.  I'll need to start using my sketch pad like I just did with my " Composed Entry " for the Beading for the Cure piece after seeing the selected beads.
After reviewing the rules for this years composition I am actually looking forward to working on this piece.

JR just informed me that while he was having his tires changed, the business manager wanted to know where his Byzantine Bracelet came from and he said MOM.  The gentleman has ordered a bracelet and necklace....I have the bracelet almost done ( gosh.... love byzantine ) and I'll find out what length of necklace he wants.

Most of my ordered product came in for Nefertiti and the "Beading Babes " reveal.  The turquoise colored 14mm disks that I found on " Amazon " of all places are actually quite gorgeous and I can see the center pieces will blend quite nice.  Just waiting for the 3mm drops and 3mm Bicones and I'll photograph the start product before working on each component.  I am looking forward to forcing myself into the Herringbone Ropes.
Working on Lorraine's piece has forced me into odd count peyote and I am looking forward to working on the Brick Stitch version.  Genny will be forwarding me the Helms Weave pattern ( kind of Lord of the Rings ), between working in Chainmaille and could one become bored?  I know I am not.