Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Time is Flying......" way too fast"........... Beaded Art Dolls

I am going to have to start Blogging on the IPAD to keep up with all the lovely treasures going on right now.....OK! Where did I leave off?  As always, I have been hopping being in Two Beaded Art Doll Round Robins.  Haven't figured out how I did that, but, " It's all good".

I completed my section of the Dian " ELess " Giraffes for the " My Favoite Things " Group.  Are they not
just adorable.  She had requested Primary colors in the tradition of the " Primary Cows in Chicago ".

I had the neck portion of these two little darlings.

Then I had to complete my lovely " Tiny Treasure Doll " for our Beaded Art Doll Group.  These are wonderful theme dolls that fit into Altoid tins that are decorated to match the Doll.  My exchange friend was Sherry Groves.

This project was actually a very fun project.
Sherry Grove
Today at 11:29 AM
GOT MY TURTLE!! Catherine - he is absolutely lovely!!! love the fabric decorations!!! I was at the beach when the package arrived - so your theme was PERFECT!!!

Also, mine to you was ready to mail Saturday....I stopped in VA on way home from the beach, showed it to my friend Lori - and the tin had RUSTED?!!!!

So I'm rushing to get another tin done....I am sorry for the delay! I DO have pics of your treasure and hope you'll thoroughly enjoy it. It should go out in tomorrow's. mail.....though this new tin is giving me problems, for a different reason!! UGH!


I have two more dolls I am completing the next two weeks and photo's will upload.  I have been thinking about how much the Beaded Art Dolls have taken my Bead Embroidery to new levels.  My stitch process has expanded to stitches I would have never used.  

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