Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Cabbing at the St. Lucie Rock and Gem Club

As everyone is aware, four members of " The Ladies of the Evening Bead Group " are taking Cabachon classes at the St. Lucie Rock and Gem Club.  Our current classes have just come to an end and I know that Debroah Apadoca, Gen Smith, Sarah Bromley and myself are patiently awaiting the next session to begin under the expert guidance of Hanah Pollack.  " We're hooked ".  Incredibly so.  To imagaine that this big chunk of rock under the careful guidance of my hands can become something so beautiful.  After six weeks of working with the rock saws, grinders and polishers I am amazed at the beauty of natural rock.

Now while working in Bead Embroidery, my first love, I can truly say......I made the entire piece to include
the cabachon's.  I even made my first 10 mm pear shaped cab.......I cannot wait to begin again.  For my Heidi Kummili challenge, I will use that love Black Cocker Spaniel Head from the lovely Laura Mears and use three Snowflake Obsidian Cabachons to finish the piece.  " I can see it in my mind's eye. "

Deborah and Genny 

I am a happy woman........ " Laura Mears.....one of these are yours in Embroidery ".....

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  1. Catherine, so enjoyed recounting our class and Estate Sale adventures. So looking forward to putting everything to use and also getting a great lesson on how to blog. XOXOXO