Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Fall Schedule for the St. Lucie County Rock and Gem Club

So?  Am I a glutton for punishment?  This fall I registered for:
1.  Cabbing on Monday night,

 to continue with all of my wonderful cabs that are in process.  Oh yeah.....I've got rocks.  
2.  Chainmaille with Genny Smith on Tuesday night.  She has a few classes that I have not taken and will
3.  Lampworking.  While at the Sunday General Membership meeting I met the Lampwork instructor and
    the class is scheduled for Saturday mornings.....

I have always wanted to take Lampworking for beads.....shades of Jessica Boggs.......Deborah Apodaca has all the tools and glasses and offered that I could use them while I determined if this is something I would like to do.  If I really love it, then I can buy my own.


Hummmm, that remains to be seen.  My work is my inspiration, my peacefulness.  I am just adding a few
benefits to add to my creations.

Tomorrow night, Genny Smith, Deborah Apodaca and I will be visiting the Gem and Mineral Society of Palm Beach County to check it out and they do have the rock saw that Deborah needs to cut the Rhodocrosite.  So it is worth the visit.

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