Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Current Bracelet Projects

Genny Smith turned me on to a lovely new pattern, "The Flat Russian Spiral"  is Genny's interpetation.
Of course, the pattern is worse than Lay's Potato Chips.  You can't make just one.... and I have two more
on the board...

Then Jennifer posted a Pinterest piece that she loved and of course, I had to make it just for her....
My love of Vintaj Brass made this project a charm to make, " No Pun Intended "....

A lovely " 5 Strand Bracelet " with Chain, Fire Polish and Pearls.

So, speaking of Pinterest.  At first when all the ladies were raving about Pinterest, I was just saying
" Yeah! Yeah! " and not paying attention,  I was so wrong.

It has become my visual encyclopedia and stimulates the senses whenever I have one of those, " I don't know what to do ".  I believe I am so set in my ways at times I do not realize the value of Blogging or Pinterest, but I am now a believer.  Posts of the Bead Embroiderer's that I admire have their photographs available for Pinterest and it has become a virtual storage of delightful patterns, techniques and true inspiration.   And the colors.....yes, those are on Pinterest as well.

I should design a lovely " Ode to Pinterest "......


  1. Is there a pattern available somewhere for the Flat Russian spiral? The ones I see out there don't look anything like this interpretation. These bracelets are stunning!!

    1. Hi Joanne,
      This pattern is by Charlene Abrams at
      charlene@bloch.au.com and is called
      Flat Russian Style Netted. If you cannot locate it let me know and I'll get you a copy.