Friday, October 17, 2014

ARRRGHH! Inventory. I hate doing inventory.

Thoughts here ladies !  While preparing for a small show in Franklin, NC " Pumpkin Fest " , next weekend I had to review inventory.  How many pieces were tagged and photographed.  What was still lacking to be placed in inventory and do I have enough product.  Gosh,this really takes away from beading time, chainmaille time, just all kinds of time.

Has anyone developed a system of recording product?   I would love to hear everyones idea's on this.

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  1. I photograph and inventory an item immediately after making it. Otherwise, it gets lost in all my stuff (you know it well!)

    I photograph the items and enter all components into my jewelry program - I use Jewelry Designer Manager Deluxe (LOVE IT!) - upload the photo for the catalog and I also keep a 4x8 top bound steno pad for my numbering system. I have one for each different catagory, ie. bracelets, necklaces, wine trays, etc. The steno pad serves two purposes. One - I know what my next inventory number is and Two - I list where the item is located, the store, consigned, etc. and then I highlight it when it is sold just for a quick reference.

    I also print a 4x6 photo and keep in a portfolio album just in case.

    MISS YOU!!!!