Monday, October 6, 2014

Settling in North Carolina.......I've never had two weeks off..... AMAZING!

The Studio is organzied and projects on on the Bead and Chainmaille Boards.  I've never been able to
devote continued work to beading or chaining.  It is " kind of weird".  But I have been completing projects to include the Nutty Byzantine by Genny Smith.  It is standard Byzantine components with 12/32 SS Hex Nuts.

I made a 18" Necklace with a 7" bracelet.  It believe it came out very nice, especially for the " Gear Head " type of group.  Once the weave component was perfected, it wove very nicely.  I am on to 
Aurelio's Tuercas Bracelet with SS Hex Nuts.  A very nice bracelet for a guy.

I stopped off at the Cherokee Craft Supply store and found a wonderful Celtic Button.  You know my bezeling addiction.  Wallaah!

I wold love to complete one without the swarovski bicones.  It is a very striking piece and PK had the perfect neck chain to go with it.  

Currently finishing my new Shibori Cuff " Are you Blue? " and I'll post new photo's when she is complete.  

I cannot say " I am bored".  Nope!  Not going to happen. 

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