Monday, October 13, 2014

Wonderful Bead Stash Giveaway......

Valorie Clifton is having a Bead Giveaway.  A Yummy Bead Giveaway.  Not only is she looking to build her blog following ( sound familiar ) but she is looking to find the answer to that impending question we all face.  " Lack of Motivation ".  How do you or I stay motivated and what have we done to motivate outselves on projects?  I know, we all have a ton of UFO ( Unfinished Projects ) where we look and say, " Did I start that last year?  The year before?  Darn, where is the pattern? " and of course there are just mornings where you do not even want to think about picking up a needle or a set of pliers.  But it is a good question and I hope I gave a good answer.

Of course, I shared for you all on Facebook and subscribed to her blog.  Not sure how I missed her blog as she is one of the original  BEAD MAVENS.  But these are my thoughts on how to stay motivated.

1.)  I make myself participate in a beading Round Robin.  It keeps my calendar set and keeps me focused on priorities.  I bead in a Art Doll group and our ladies change at the start of each round robin keeping us fresh with ideas.

The next one will get groans but it keeps me focused and darn do I come up with some great ideas to boot.

2.)  I get up one hour before the household, either 4:00 am or 5:00 am.  Walk the dogs, make the coffee....the SHIZAM......I start working.  When the household leaves I am already in the groove.

So visit her site:
VC Artisan Originals- The Bead Zealot

and leave a few comments yourself.  Who knows, you may be the lucky winner.


  1. Thank you so much for your blog post! I really appreciate the shout out and the advice. :)

    My hardest thing to tackle is not the act of beading, but the writing of tutorials. Illustrating is easy enough- I have a few illustrated that just need words. Words aren't a problem for me- I'm pretty verbose, but for some reason when I set to assemble my tutorials I hit a mental block and don't feel like finishing. :) If I could just be more disciplined and stick to a schedule, you know? LOL easier said than done.

    Thanks again, and I'm following your blog. I'll let my fb peeps know about your blog, too! <3

    1. Valorie,
      If your hitting a tutorial block then find two to three Bead Angels. It will take the pressure off of you after you do the basic tutorial and then they will make the recommends for a compliant tutorial. We have a group called " The Ladies of the Evening" and we all work as each others Bead Angel. I think you might find that that gives you something to look forward too.

    2. Do you mean testers? I have those. :) It's not that I can't write, it's that I'm lazy. I've published 40+ tutorials so the newness has worn off. :D I improve my graphics over time and sometimes I get bored and change my layout, but it gets routine after a while. Sometimes it helps to listen to an audiobook while working. :) Thank you so much for sharing my blog!

  2. Wow, what a gorgeous banner you have! And, I'm so glad to see your share of Valorie's giveaway, too. :) Nice to 'meet' you!!

    1. Thank you so much. I've have been an ardent fan of your's over the past three years. Nice to 'meet' you as well.