Thursday, October 3, 2013

The St. Lucie Rock and Gem Classes have started ......Cab On!

First, the Cabachon Class and I completed the 36mm Center Snowflake Obsidian  for the center piece of
my Heidi Kummili " Pawley's Piece" which I am making in memory of Brittany Lynn.  I have my Laura Mears Black Cocker Spaniel piece and this lovely Snowflake Obsidian.  I now have four more to Cab along
with Brittany's Tags and other items to add.

Then on Tuesday it was Chainmailling Class with the Divine Ms. Genny Smith.  It was a blast and since I have mastered Byzantine, she let me start on Open Weave, a patterned I have just been dying to make.

It has truly been a fruitful week and I still have the Saturday " Lampworking " class to attend.  If I like " Lampworking" then I'll continue.  But knowing how much I just love a torch, this should be interesting.  My good friend Deborah Apodaca loaned me her Lampworking Kits so I did not have to lay out a considerable amount of money.  Thank you and many hugs girl for your thoughtfulness.

I have concluded that work is starting to interfere with Beading and Cabbing......common Lotto!

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  1. Wow Catherine, beautiful job on both of your projects, the Snowflake Jasper cab is gorgeous and so is the chainmaille bracelet. I am learning how to do stone cabs too, but I do not know about chainmaille though, Lamp working glass is something I have always wanted to try, so good luck and have fun.