Friday, April 5, 2013

And then......

Our Beaddreamz Group did a Valentine Earring Swap that was to ship before I left for the Retreat. 
My exchange Partner was Maria Teresa in Portugal, so I had to plan on International shipping.
Maria Teresa requested:  Long, Silver, white and I believe I met the challenge and decided to send
her ( 2 ) pairs of earrings instead of just one.  Everyone of couse, loves the Jaycee pattern and I had several requests to share this pattern and I also sent her my Crystal Creations, Treasure Earrings in
White as well. 

The interesting part was the shipping to Portugal and I was not sure on how long it would take.  But, never daunted....They shipped.  They arrived a week after mailing ( not bad ) and then I recieved my
box from Maria Teresa.  Lovely, just lovely. 

Thank you Maria Teresa......just lovely.

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