Sunday, April 28, 2013

Another new beading adventure in the works.....

This week was spent on catching up on Reveal One, Reveal Two and of course Saturday's Reveal for the Bead Soup Blog Party 7

What fabulous pieces and of course, it will take weeks to visit each site and leave comments.  I was amazed at some techniques and color ways but it was enchanting to see how we can step outside of our " Norm ", and compose elements that we would never consider.  May be, these events have become so popular because they have assisted us all in growing as designers and craftswomen.  After participating in Bead Soup by Lori Anderson , Beading Babes, and Marshell Swaps, I have noticed a distinct difference in my bead style and a return to those techniques I learned when I first started beading.  Kumihimo ( with chunky beads now ) Lord Bless the 3 mm manufacturers.  I've learned to play with Shirbori Ribbon and Sari Ribbon which brings me to the days of quilting and all of this is based on participating in these wonderful events.

I do feel sorry for those judges that will be viewing our Pinterest Posts.......
from Lori's perspective,

I've never been a fan of entering contests where you win by vote as the deck is often stacked against those without large social networks.  So to make this extra special and extra fun and as fair as possible, I am assembling a panel of judges from a variety of bead suppliers.  So far Nina DesignsLima BeadsFusion Beads, PJ Tool and Jewelry,Beaducation, and Kalmbach Publishing will be judging.

"Thank you Lori for a new and wonderful experience."

We are coming to the end of our wonderful " Shoe Round Robin " and Dian, Lynn and Aryd'ell have a new
Round Robin for us to start on May 15th as we are closing our Shoe Round.  " Our Favorite Things ",
put the thinking cap on and then visited Arzie Hodge on ETSY and found the perfect form for this round robin.  
French Butterfly Goddess with Cab Face
With my love of Butterflies, I think this would definately fit " My Favorite Things".  I cannot wait to see my
Shoe Form Galadriel, Lady of the Woods.....

This will be a very busy week indeed now that I've learned how to use Pinterest and I have about sixty pieces to start loading on ETSY.  Busy....very busy indeed.  And then of course after reviewing Blog Posts, I've realized I've left out a few, very important blog posts, the Preciosa Beaded bracelets with twins project, the Ladies of the Evening gatherings, my exchange dolls....another update is in store.  

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