Friday, March 15, 2013

Holiday Bling Blog Hop III

16th of March 2013....tada.....the Reveal.  Today is our Reveal for the Holiday Bling Blog Hop III and I am looking forward to see all of the wonderful items that each reveal partner put together based on their chosen holiday.

My partner for this Blog Hop is Shelley Graham Turner, one of our moderators and she was gracious enough to allow me to choose the Holiday for us to create and exchange.  After thinking, well, we could do
St. Patricks Day, Valentines just about any Holiday during this season, I wanted to do Easter, one of my most favorite times of the year.  Spring is in full bloom, flowers, blue skies, warmth, family, faith, just a beautiful time of the year.  Easter it was.  Then, I had to consider what I knew about Shelley.  A Polymer Artist, moderator, a very busy lady.  What to make?  What was my most favorite thing to wear for easter?   PEARLS!  Yes, pastels and pearls.  I had just recieved a grouping of patterns from Ella2 and she had some lovely patterns for pearls.  I didnt want anything too " foofy " as my sister says and selected a lovely pattern that could either dress up or dress down and then selected the pearls.  As a consumate BeadWeaver, she came together nicely.

When the mailing time came, Shelley would be running late in her mailing due to a family loss and of course, my heartfelt love and understanding was offered with an understanding to " take her time".  Family was so important.  But that is her story to share.  In due time I recieved a lovely box from Shelley and of couse wasting no time in opening her gift, what did I see?..........How perfect!

I just love it and will use this as the centerpiece for my Easter decorations.  Thank you Shelley and Marlene for having me in this Blog Hop.  Each one I participate in, I learn about new techniques and challenges.

Now join me in visiting each participant for the " Holiday Bling Blog Hop III " and enjoy each person's interpretation of their chosen Holiday.

Alicia Marinache

Catherine King        You are here.......

Lennis Carrier


  1. That bracelet is just lovely! I'm sure Shelley loves it :)
    Love your gift from her, too!

  2. Oh my gosh Catherine, how gorgeous is the bracelet you've made for Shelley?!? Stunning, I'm sure it will be a treasured piece for her.

  3. I love the bracelet you made for Shelley. I adore pearls and I too have a heart for bead weaving. Your gift from Shelley is perfect...I love it. A great Easter piece.

  4. I love the bracelet you made for Shelley - so pretty!

  5. That bracelet is beautiful and the frame...i love it! Both gifts are fabulous!

  6. Oh, I love the bracelet: such a beautiful piece and one that can be worn all day long. The colours are fabulous, they spell spring elegance for me :)
    The frame she made for you is just as gorgeous!

  7. Pearls! & Picture frames really awesome!

  8. Very classy and versatile to wear from day to evening. I know she'll love it.

  9. What a beautiful bracelet for a beautiful holiday. Easter is so versatile in design and tradition, I think Shelley's gift is just perfect and classic. The frame she made for you is just as beautiful as the bracelet. Happy Easter!

    Gina H

  10. Such an elegant piece! It can be worn with anything to.

  11. Great post and such cool pieces. This really was a great hop :-)

  12. Your bead work is fantastic. I know, I have mine! Sure Shelley will wear it proudly. Thanks so much for joining us in this Holiday Celebration.

  13. Catherine! I was so lucky to have you as my partner. I REALLY scored! The bracelet is so pretty. The muted color of the pearls is perfect for me cause I'm not a girly-girl. BUT the design you created, the palette is so pretty and soft that, yes!, I can wear it everyday to rock out my jeans and a pretty blouse or to a really fancy function (yeah I have to do those sometimes!) Its just so perfect. AND loads of work! I DO love it (have to remember to hide it when my daughters come visit though!)

    Thanks again, partner! ~ Shelley

  14. What a beautiful bracelet you made for Shelley! I'm sure she'll enjoy that for years to come! And what a fun frame she sent you - it will be perfect as the centerpiece for your Easter table!

  15. Catherine,

    I'm so pleased we are in the HBBH3 together because I love finding your blog! It's a wonderful blog & I love your work.

    I think Ellad2 designs/ patterns are awesome too! And you've certainly created a GORGEOUS Easter bracelet for Shelley! Just beautiful. And you're right -- Shelley can dress up with it, or wear with jeans & boots! Super neat.

    And her tiles are amazing! The minute I saw them, I wanted to put them in my bead embroidery, lol. So cool!

    What a wonderful Blog Hop this is! And again, gorgeous Easter pearl jewelry!

    Happy Hopping ;)

  16. What a great exchange! Your pearl bracelet is just gorgeous.

  17. I love your jewelry!

    I’m part of the bead soup party. Looking forward to the reveals. I'm now following you. I have a new blog. Please consider following my jewelry blog. Thanks.