Monday, February 25, 2013

The Wonderful.....delightful.....Ms. Sherry Serafini

And then on February 25th,  " See, told you I had a lot of catching up to do....."

After being on the waiting list for months...and months, ( my fault really! ).  I got the fabulous call from Crystal Creations ( Thank you Glenda ! ) saying that a seat was available for Sherry Serafini's " Shibori Elegance " class on Monday and was I interested?  Interested?  Oh heck yeah, and a vacation day was scheduled. 

It would be the first time I incorporated Fabric ( Shibori Ribbon ) and Bead Embroidery and I was
just " jumping with joy ".   Kits were still available so I just brought the good stuff and as always, I was more than prepared.  Off I went, got there plenty early, pickup the kit ( great colorway ) and was grinning from ear to ear.  I got the biggest hug from Ms. Sherry even though she was disappointed I
wouldn't be attending Bead and Button for her Master Class.  I was just thrilled to be taking a class with her. 

Last year she had on the Steve Tyler piece with Skulls....this year she had the most amazing Cross and Rosary chain.... ( yes, I'll be inspired to make one of those ).   It was of course an inspiring class as always.
I really wanted to work with Fiber and Beading and just fell in love with a Fiber piece she had last year in
velvet and a 24mm Swarovski Centerpiece on a wooden ring.  Yes, inspired.

Sherry holding a classmate from the previous class composition.  Look at that Lampwork.

I sat across from another very accomplished artist " Rene Gibson" who actually beads skulls.  She was surprised that I knew her name from the " Cowboys and Indians " magazine that I subscribe too.  Needless to say, she is a charmer.

I was happy to hear that Sherry will be spending more time here next year and there will be a handbag class in the mix as well.

Glenda, as always, well done.

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