Sunday, August 12, 2012

The new daughter....Gwendolyn

Everyone who know's me know's that I am first and foremost a Cocker Spaniel person.  Just something about the Cocker Spaniels that I have had over the years where I have always found them to be the most
loyal companions and I just love them.  When Brittany Lynn passed away over two years ago the day after my Mom passed away, I was devastated.  I had had Brittany for over thirteen years, she had been found wandering the street in Lake Worth by my Groomer.  She was beautiful and it was love at first sight.  We traveled everywhere together and she was always with me, a true companion.  I had it in my mind that there would never be another Brittany but my son, Michael challenged me and found this lovely little lady from a AKC Cocker Spaniel breeder on the West Coast of Florida.  Look at that face!  I'm in love again.

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