Sunday, August 12, 2012

One Month since a Blog Post......Seriously?

It has been one month since a blog post....not intentional by no means. But it has just been hectic.  Attending
the Highland Games at Grandfather Mountain ( AWESOME ), then preparing to teach Bead Embroidery at the July Retreat in Bryson City, finishing two Beaded Birds from the Group 1 of Beaded Art Dolls, contemplating the pieces to complete for " Beading Babes and the next reveal" .  Working on the Cellini Spiral Neckpiece for my Exchange partner on BeadDreamz..... ( this color combination is totally out of my range and should be fascinating. )   Finding out I have a new daughter arriving in  two weeks.  A little girl cocker spaniel, black.  Just non stop actions for all those beading friends.  So I will do a catch up and try to Timeline and keep in perspective.  

Speaking of Timeline....darn it, Facebook got me.  I thought I was laying low and unobserved.  Yeah.  Right!
August 16, 2012.  I'll try to go with it.

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