Sunday, January 29, 2012

What an incredible week for beading experiences....some very lovely ups and then one sad down but otherwise I could not have asked for a more wonderful beading week.  Non stop, full of thrills and excitement.  On Thursday I was able to attend the Sherry Sarafini " Romancing the Rivoli " class at Crystal Creations in West Palm Beach.....I was so excited driving down from PSL to WPB and when I arrived ( first one ) Glenda the owner of Crystal Creations was walking the Greyhounds and getting everything ready for class.  Sherry was such a delight.  She was worried because she had not been in a classroom environment since August, but she just rolled right into it.  She was wearing my favorite necklace that she posted two weeks ago on Facebook with the Human Skull in profile.  Its just lovely up close.  I learned so much Thursday.  I understand her component and armature knowledge and just love the bezelling techniques she used.  Her kits were wonderful for color selection.  I can't wait to order a few more.  The cost of the " Romancing the Rivoli " was $ 70.00 for students but they normally sold for $ 135.00.  I enjoyed being with other advanced bead embroider's and Glenda was very sweet as she has always been.  I was also twice blessed before I left, no actually thrice blessed.....and Omens and Signs were all around.  In the back of the classroom was a Don Pearce Loom on sale for 60% off.  Normally a $ 135.00 I got it for $ 56.00.  Sherry also Autographed by Book with a wonderful endearment.  Then, a new young lady that works at Crystal Creations also lives for half the year in

Cashiers, NC.  Her husband owns a restaurant up there and works the restaurant up there and down here each year.  I think she and I would get along great.  Crystal Creations also had the new Swarovski sequins and I found some in Blue for the cuff.

I am still amazed at what I learned in that short time especially in working with the Brass, ultra suede and how to dye my Lacie's Stiff Stuff.  I was just flying on the clouds....I will send Sherry an email thanking her for such a wonderful class.  She was a tad miffed that I wasn't able to attend the Saturday class for the collar, but I'll be first in line for the next one.

If there was one thing I did acknowledge, it was that Sherry wore her designs.  I have not been dressing as a woman, but just a construction employee.  It is time to re-evaluate this.

I was able to find three polymer clay molds and I think I can use the skull and modify it to be used by cutting in half for cabbing work.  I also found three others that were just ( well, I couldn't resist ).  I cant wait to work in the Polymers with them.

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