Sunday, January 22, 2012

Genny Smith and I taught a great class yesterday at Beads and Baubles in Ft. Pierce and I've posted the photo's as well on the Florida Bead Arts Yahoo group for Beebe, Alice and Genny to enjoy.  The RAW pattern we've been working has evolved in bead sizing by working the RAW Beauty designed by Donna Pagano Denny which was published in Bead and Button June 2011.  Genny and I both started and completed samples that Work with 8mm beads and 11 as embellishments which will help the ladies that cannot see the smaller bead path.   As you can see my Olympus has this setting which makes two pictures into one....I just love it and wish I could figure out how I do that....LOL!  After Class we all stepped out to A21 Buoy restaurant for some great seafood and when I returned home I had a wonderful package in the mail from Arlene Hodges, the Doll Form designer.  I had ordered my first pre-made form which came with a lovely polymer cab for the face ( The Dark Goddess of the Moon and the Sun ).  I just ordered my curved #10 needles and will start this as my test project for the Beaded_Art_Dolls Yahoo group.  While at Beads and Baubles I was able to find the perfect beads for the Seahorse on the 3D Challenge where Candy in Oklahoma is my exchange recipient.  If I really like the pattern I'll do one for my sons significant, Jennifer in California.
Here is the Doll Form that I received from Arlene:
Today is a Bead Day for all of the UFO's on the table.  My goal this week was to complete the Simple Spiral ropes for two Beaded Buttons in size 15.  I've done two others in 11 rounds and wanted to see if the 15 rounds made it more delicate.  Each of the buttons are extremely colorful and Blingy....I've come to the conclusion that when I do a Cab I will now have to complete a rope chain to go with it.  Beebe and Genny will be cutting rings to work on additional spirals in colored parawire and sterling silver.

I am so psyched.....Sherry Sarafini class on Thursday....taking the camera.

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