Friday, November 23, 2012

" Ripple Effect " a BeadWork Pattern by Sherri Sarafini

I am enjoying having a four day holiday weekend.  It was a blessed Thanksgiving Day and I have just been
cranking away organizing the Bead Stash and completing projects.  I have the Beading Babes Reveal coming up and I did complete " Ripple Effect " a June/July 2011 Beadwork pattern by Sherry Serafini.  I can't help it....... I just love her patterns.  This was one pattern for the past Beading Babes challenge, so I'll post there as well.  I found a wonderful cabachon in reds/whites and the piece just blossomed from there.

I also completed my portion of Jo Adams Teapot.  I completed the front portion with lovely purple sequins.  It just set it right off.  Now that Deej has broken her hand, I will complete the teapot handle and then ship it on to Jo.
Isn't she lovely? 

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