Tuesday, November 6, 2012

My First Blog Hop.......Yippeee.......and it is a blingy one to boot!

I get to experience my first Blog Hop while I await the Bead Soup Exchange to begin.....actually,
I am excited and of course it got those creative juices flowing for the Holidays.....

My exchange partner is Marlene Cupo


1.      Contact your HBBH#2 partner and between the two of you decide what you would like to exchange. It can be pretty much anything you agree upon, as long as its "holiday' themed.

                 Done...... Marlene was so easy to please as she is a polymer artist and I am a Bead Embroider.
2.        Add the attached blog hop button/gadget to your blog's sidebar (this is optional but will bring readers back!)
3.          Mailout your item by November 17th. PLEASE Post a Delivery Confirmation # on the Facebook group page.
4.          Keep in touch with your partner, post on our Facebook group page once you receive your partner's creation!
    Blog on Saturday, December 15th , share what you created for your partner, the process you used and what you received from your partner.

Your partner for Holiday Bling Blog Hop #2 is: Marlene Cupo her e-mail address is: amazingdesigns46@gmail.com
And of course when I was contacted, I sat down and drafted a new RAW ( Right Angle Weave ) piece.....I'll photograph the journey but I cannot post until the 15th of December. 

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