Tuesday, September 20, 2016

A new skill has been learned.......

It is funny at times when one hobby overlays another hobby.   Even though this page is devoted to Bead Embroidery - Beadweaving - and Chainmailling but while attending a Society event ( Society of Creative Anachronism ) - I was managing the Arts and Science classes and competitions and I had the opportunity to see ( just a little bit ) for a historic embroidery class being taught by Andrea Brooks ( Lady Aesa ).  I was only able to try the Split stitch but I really enjoyed working in thread as a cover medium. One funny thing happened as I was sitting there learning the split stitch though,  I did keep trying to pick up a bead. 

Of course I enjoyed the Celtic Triskele pattern as well.  Soooo....... I'm hooked on Embroidery and starting thinking of ways to incorporate both Embroidery and Bead Embroidery, so I took off so to speak and decided that I would make a SPIKE ( The Unicorn Seahorse ) which is the mascot of the Kingdom of Atlantia.  And of course I added beads. 

I posted a photo on the Closed Needlework Group for the Barony of Hawkwood and I received many kind comments for completing a second piece.  I still have to block and press this piece but I believe it shall be an eye catcher when complete.   Now mind you,  I have several beaded pieces going on at this time but I have found the thread embroidery very relaxing while watching a little TV or taking a break at work.  The first photo ended up as a Cup Cover with brass swans hanging from each corner to keep the piece weighted over the cup.  The Spike piece I believe shall be a table center piece but it is to be determined. 

I have only learned split stitch and taught myself from a You-Tube Video on how to do Satin Stitch but there are numerous other stitches out there that I need to learn.  ( Yes !  Bless you You-Tube ) and now it has my thoughts going to next years Battle piece.  How to incorporate both mediums for a stunning design. 

Now look at this fabulous darling by " Fly Fenix ".   This has the imagination stimulated for sure. 

Stay tuned!  Piece number 3 is underway....... and it is Celtic and it is Swans. 


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