Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Current Musings - I am so behind in Blogging with all of the wonderful events going on

I apologize.  I am so behind on Blogging with both Catherine's Musings and A Newby to the Kingdom of Atlantia.  The Battle of the Beadsmith 2016 has begun this week.  Master Steven Weiss has started to post the Battle Pairs as the entire Battle has changed due to many that did not submit their Battle Pieces at the last minute.


As we do not have enough battlers to fill four groups of 64 I will begin posting battles as one large round. Everything remains the same in terms of voting, etc. We will keep voting forms reasonable in size to keep things moving along.
After the results of round one we will re-select battles for round 2 and so on.
Good luck to all
Enjoy the battle for what it is.
A celebration of people coming together to share with each other, inspire each other, and to strut their beady stuff with a group of beaders worldwide who share a common love of the game.

 We have some incredibly beautiful entries and it has been a Bling Event watching each Battle Pair get posted before voting begins.  I would be honored to make it to Round 3.
And here is my submission:
AWEN of the Sea

 If I am grateful for anything - it is that Awen stimulated my beading again.  I have a Blog Hop where I was a Bead Angel with two participants that I need to load but as you can see - AWEN - took up a lot of time.  Each size 15 bead was hand sewn individually.  Glutton for punishment.   I will spend time and organize the posts because there is a lot that has happened over the past three months and it has been wonderful.

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