Sunday, June 14, 2015


My Battle piece is complete for 2015 and this has been a learning experience.  I have learned to push myself to the limit by beading at 4:00 am going to work, then coming home and beading till my eyes would not stay open.  My fingers have been bleeding and I have learned how to Bead Embroiderer with Band-Aids on each finger.  I must say that at times - it was a " Love-Hate " process but when I finally set the last bead I posted on Facebook that I knew how Frodo Baggins felt as he tossed the One Ring of Power into Mount Doom in Mordor.  " It is done!" 

I must take a moment and tell you how this piece came about.  When you tell someone that it is, black on black, they look at you strange as though I created my own death-wish.  But!  She came about because of current events.  Strange as it seems, she designed herself.  While watching the National News there was a event that was so sad - so disheartening - so unsettling that I teared.  It was the be-heading of twenty two Christians by ISIS.  I had just completed a Historical track on the early Celt's and Viking's and remembered the  Goddess " The Morrigan " who was called upon by warring Celt's to lead them into victory and as she flew across the battlefield with her Raven's she brought fear to the enemy and faith that the Celt's would prevail in battle.  I was so disheartened that our leadership would allow this to occur without retribution.  We need this type of action during these times, we need the Morrigan.

As I never involve myself in political statements in a public venue - there was one determining factor that prevailed. The strength of women.  The percentage of Goddesses in ancient history before Christianity were of the warrior class and I find that even to this day - women have a strength that men would never understand.

Battle Group C- Battle # 29 to start.

As I started the fitting of the paper pattern to the manikin - she adjusted herself - changed her design
and in the end I am pleased with the changes.  I cannot begin to tell you how many Bugle Beads, Swarovski black pearls both 4mm and 3mm - well - here is the entire product list:

Product  List:

Jet Cabachon’s in various sizes ( 40x30- 30x22 – 25x18- 38mm Round – 20mm round-10mm round )
Lampwork Feather’s by Madeline Bunyan – Devon, U.K.

Nicole’s Beadbacking by Nicole Campanella
Bone Carved Feathers – Black

11x5.5 Swarovski Faceted Teardrops
14mm Swarovski Jet Rivoli’s

3mm and 4mm Swarovski Bicones – Jet Xilion

3mm and 4mm Swarovski Pearls – Mystic Black
SS16 Swarovski Montees – Jet

Various – 6mm – 8mm -11mm-15mm Beads in Black and Hematite and Ceylon Light Grey

Size ( 2 ) and ( 3 ) Bugle Beads in Black – Hematite – Gunmetal

Miyuki Drops - Black

I cannot thank Madeline Bunyan - a fabulous Lampwork Artist in Devon, UK, enough.   I've become enchanted with her lampwork birds and the feathers set off the Jet Cabachon. 

So without further adieu,  the Morrigan.  I did my own photographs and the model is Donna Ferguson of Franklin, NC

You would need to see this piece up close to view the beadwork:

But if this has shown me anything - it has shown me that I need to spend time in Photography School and work in Photoshop Elements ( a lot ). 

Battle Group:  C – Battle #29

Medium:  Bead Embroidery

Stitches Used:  Back-stitch, Peyote ( Guord ) – Couching              

Name of Piece:   The Morrigan

Time to Complete:  2 Long Complete months. 

Overall Size:   Bead Embroidery Collar with matching earrings

I do dedicate this piece to Genny Smith, Deborah Apodaca, Susan Barrett, Beebe Goddard, Sarah Clark Bromley and of course Anne Hess.  They pushed me not to sit on the sidelines. 

I am a  Bead Embroiderer living in Whittier, North Carolina adjacent to the Cherokee Indian Reservation.  To see how this piece came into being , then please see my blog –  It is quite an observation on our current climate of events. Therefore, she is named “ The Morrigan”.   I do dedicate this piece to my Best Friends in Florida – Genny Smith, Deborah Apodaca, Susan Barrett, Bebee Goddard, Sarah Clark Bromley and of course the Anne Hess.  Thank you Anne!   The couching stitch was my friend.


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  1. I love your Morrigan and we definitely need her in these unsettling times! The piece is beyond beautiful and when I gaze upon her, I see you. Your soul is definitely ingrained in this piece. AND let the Battle begin...............XOXOXO