Saturday, May 2, 2015

Bead Peep Swap N Hop Reveal

Today is the day.......our reveal for the 2015 Bead Peep Swap N Hop.  My lovely partner " Krafty Max " and I have been very busy so we can now take a breath!  First I want to thank Linda Anderson for putting this lovely Swap N Hop together.  You can visit Linda at:      Do drop in and enjoy her blog.  Her sense of humor is wonderful.

A big thank you Linda and all of her assistants for managing this event.  Talk about some talent?  You will see a lot of this today as you start visiting each page. 



Now let me tell you about Krafty Max.  She is such a gem and I have enjoyed following her and her many avenues of beading.  When I first visited the Krafty Max site I was like - WOW!  How does she keep track of all of those sites - ArtFire....Linkedin....Pinterest.... just all of the social media sites I haven't even had a chance to look into.  She inspired me.  In the process this lady also just launched a new website.  Talent I tell you!  Please take time to visit and peruse her site and take special notice of her award winning designs.  You will so enjoy looking at all of her new treasures. 

I originally selected the following after we dialoged via email asking what either one of us would like:  


The center cabochon I cabbed myself from Indian Paintstone and all of the red just seemed to fall in place. 

And I received from Max ......
So!  Let me tell you about my treasures.  I'll begin with the delightful treasures and then move to
the very detailed item that serves " two-fold".

The Lovely Cat's Eyes in Brown and Vintage Wood Beads.  I fell in love with the Cat's Eye beads and started a lovely stringing project.  Then as I began to fancy a side set of larger beads I added the vintage wood beads and interspersed some lovely amber Crystals and Silver Beads that were included in the package.  I used a lovely clasp that Max had sent as the clasp for this piece.  I also did ( 2 ) two sets of earrings to go with this piece.  One a simple straight set and the other a loop with SS Ear-wires. 

There was a wonderful Silver Bar piece included in the Silver bag that was set with two fun faux stones.  Looked at it and said " Cat!  that would look great in Wallah!  Two rows of Byzantine co-joined for the clasp.  A lovely little stainless heart.  How delightful is that?

Then the big project - Max included a lovely strand of Turritella Agate in a unusual shape. " Be still my beating heart! "  It was what I had been looking for.  We had a competition in the Society of Creative Anachronism ( SCA ) coming in October that covered the years of the Tudor Dynasty.  I had drafted a lovely rendition of the " Chain of Office " that was worn by Royalty and was  prevalent in the Tudor Dynasty era.  Here are two examples.

My artists mind saw the Turritella Agate as " The Kings Jewels - Chain of Office ".  It was perfect.  The round Grain Stone strand also fit into this piece as well.  I am included a " Sneak Peek " of the " Kings Jewels - Chain of Office " as the complete piece will reveal at the SCA Crown Tournament in October and then of course I will post again as this is being reviewed.

Here is the sneak peek:

I would love to hear you thoughts on this.  In conclusion - I would like to thank Max for being a delightful partner.  Max,  I hope I did your stash justice.

So, pull up a chair - grab yourself a lovely cup of Hot Chocolate and start visiting this wonderful Blog Hop.....................  I know I will be doing the same.

Click on this link which will take you to our wonderful Hostess and you can Hop with the rest of us.

After that,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,The Battle of the Beadsmiths - WhooHoo!


  1. OMGoodness! I didn't even know you could do so many things with the little bit I sent!! AMAZING!! I have to say, that is NOT what I invisioned for those beads, but it is just SO MUCH BETTER!! THANK YOU for being a great SWAP partner and beader!! :) ~KM

  2. Ohhh, the Turitella is gorgeous, I look forward to seeing the final piece. Your bead work is fantastic.

  3. Beautiful pieces, I love the tiger eye necklace in particular!

  4. Hi Catherine, All of your pieces are lovely. The Turitella agate is going to be a fabulous piece.

  5. I am so loving that necklace and can hardly wait to see how your chain of office comes out. Brings back memories of when I was in the SCA.

  6. I was expecting "all seed beads" from your spot on the hop list. But you are a woman of many talents, as evidenced by your designs. All quite lovely. The chain of office necklace is going to be a show stopper.

  7. Wow, both bead soups are great, and your creations fabulous! I can't wait to see the final king's jewels creation, you have certainly captured the essence of the chain of office feel. Amazing!

  8. Amazing work. Your chain of office piece is stunning!

  9. I'm in lust with your necklace with the tiger eye and classic and GORGEOUS! You did an OUTSTANDING job and I can't WAIT to see your chain of office piece!


  10. I love the elegant simplicity of the first necklace! So beautiful!

  11. I adore your royal theme! Wow!

  12. LOVELY! that asymmetrical necklace, the chainmaille! and a really great start with the bead embroidery! Can't wait to see it finished

  13. I like the colors and asymmetry in the first necklace and making two pairs of earrings makes it so much more versatile! The chainmaille for the bracelet bar is very creative, so far this is my favorite piece though I can sense the gorgeousness of the Tudor necklace!

  14. Loved the chaiinmaille bracelet. Can't wait to see the pictures of the necklace for SCA

  15. Royal theme at it's Krafty Max! Chainmaille is not for me. But you make it look so easy. SCA, it seems so long away. Thank you for sharing a sneak peak with us!

  16. I do love that chainmaille bracelet and that bar in the middle.. well done

  17. What a lovely lovely collection! I love the Turritella Agate piece .