Sunday, March 8, 2015

My First Winter 2015....

Just a few moments to share the beauty of Winter.  " My First Winter.......It was actually a stunning season ".  I am sure that many people are saying... " Gosh! Let's get this over with."  But for a person that is seeing winter for the first time I found it peaceful - quiet - introspective and my creativity was
beyond any winter that I can remember.  I wasn't cold as everyone had told me I would be.  I never slept with the heat on in my room.  It was needed.  Nothing like cuddling under my quilts with the pups.  I was quite comfortable.

Now on too beady items.

Please drop by and visit Valorie Clifton's Blog..... she has quite a few magazine publishings of her wonderful work to catch everyone up on.  Pay her a visit.  You will not be disapointed.

I still have several other posts to complete today.  The tantilizing post of my Bead Partners stash that is mailing on Monday and a few other odds and ends.  Now off to create.

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