Sunday, March 8, 2015

A Birthday for friends near and far......

Just a quick post :

Thursday was Deborah Apodaca's Birthday.  It is hard when your friends are far away and you are not there to share the fun of each birthday as we did the years before.  So to make it special - this piece that I created was special for two reasons.  It was the first Cabachon that Deb and I cabbed at the St. Lucie Rock and Gem Club and Dragonflies are Deb.

Definately visit the Facebook link and watch the fun.

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  1. I am sitting here reading this post crying and realizing that I have been too busy to keep up on my reading and really everything that makes me calm. Today that stops! I need to get my mojo back and you, Catherine, are my Morrigan!

    From this day forth, I will be reading my blogs, taking time every day to make something - anything - and taking the time to just breath and enjoy the day!

    Thank you for all your love and support!