Sunday, April 20, 2014

On the Bead Board 20th April 2014

Spending time working on Phase 1 of 3 for the Bead Soup Blog Party which is coming up in two weeks.
As you know I cannot post any photo's yet but my partner Chris Eisenberg and I are just posting away with each other.  I cannot wait to present on May 3rd and tell you a little about Chris.

I also have my Azurite/Malachite piece on the board:  The Cab I cut myself and this is an evolving work in

I also have our current " Yahoo Round Robin-Under the Sea " to finish up before the 1st.  I swear!  Work is
really interferring with beading.


  1. Looking gorgeous, I do agree though work does get in the way!

  2. Your azurite/malachite piece is a real beauty. I can't wait to see how it looks once it's finished!
    Liz at Bead Contagion

  3. The Azurite looks even more gorgeous with those accent beads!!! I need to finally get over my misgivings and reinforce the sister stone. I know it's supposed to be a simple process, but I'm sure I could find a way to make it more difficult! I'm sure this piece will be COMPLETED today knowing you, and I am so ready to see the final presentation. AND I AGREE YOUR WORK IS GETTING IN THE WAY!!!

  4. Gorgeous! The kokopelli look right at home in your beadweaving/embroidery!

    1. Not sure why this ended up was meant for your bspb 8!