Sunday, April 20, 2014

" FAE ", my Anne Hess " Garden Party Doll" has been completed

She is done.  Lovely little " Fae ".  Now she can play with her cousins " Ruby Red Lips " by Sarah Clark
Bromley and " Flora " by Deborah Apodaca.

Tada.......  I actually enjoyed working on her.  A totally different approach for our standard Round Robin forms and so much detail can be added.  Just think of the possibilities. But then, the credit needs to go to Anne Hess, teacher extraordinaire.  Her pattern and techniques were flawless and let to total creativity.
Each of our " Garden Dolls " are exquistily different and it is just awesome seeing them together.

As per my first post, yes ladies, those are all 15's.  Total glutton for punishment but look at that face.

Thank you Anne, what a lovely new technique and I can see that the " Ladies of the Evening " will be taking this alot further than originally thought!  Stop by and visit Anne:


  1. Flora thinks her cousin Far is beautiful!!! I can't agree more, Annie you are the best!

  2. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh - I've been waiting for this post. This ROCKS - absolutely beautiful, and the 15s were WELL worth the work. Hope your Easter was wonderful, Catherine...and that the week brings more creativity than you can handle!