Saturday, September 22, 2012

This Weekends Projects

This weekend's Projects are set and started.

Goal One:      Photoshop " Catherine's Musings " on all photographs ( Check )
                      Boy.....still trying to maneauver through Photoshop Elements...but bless UTube....
                     Goal One Done.  Still need to learn how to then save it as a JPG .  Had a problem loading
                     Photo One.

Goal Two:     Set Up a FlickR account:  Check
                     Goal Two Done
                     Did not realize how many photo's I have of my work.  Time to start moving items to the
                     Terrabyte External Drive

Goal Three:    Really, really, really get serious on the ETSY site and Website.

And for the Annual Challenge of re-creating the " Spirit of Bead Embroidery " by Heidi Kummili.  All
product is in with the exception on one item.  Once here, I'll post the beginning of my Annual Challenge to myself.

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