Saturday, September 1, 2012

Brianna, " Bree " for short in honor of the Outlander Series

Well, I have survived Week One of being a puppy Mom.  I pick up the little Goddess last Saturday and it has been non stop since.  I ended up changing the little Goddesses name to Brianna " Bree " in honor of the Outlander Series by Diana Gabaldon.  ( If you have not read this series, you need to! )  as Michael ( my son ) was not happy with the Gwen name since she is the spitting image of
Brittany Lynn.  Bree love's her new play toy, Mom and has elected to sleep with Mom just like Priny does and do not let anyone tell you that a puppy is potty trained at 10 weeks.  Yeah!  Puppy
Pee Pads galore in this house at the moment. :)
Now one too Week Two............................


  1. Hi Catherine,
    Bree is a beautiful puppy, I hope that you do not have to much of a problem house training her. I read the Outlander books back in the late 90's and loved them.

  2. How adorable, she is going to be so much fun!