Sunday, June 17, 2012

Dodging Deadlines for Multiple Project.......I just love the stress ( good Stress ) of it.

Talking about multiple deadlines........" Its all good ".  First, the completion of my Bead Embroidery Art Doll Round Robin of " Buttons ", Rolanda's Bird.  He took on a life of his own after I set the Venetian Button for his buttocks.
Rolanda's Buttons when he arrived

And he just evolved.....and evolved.....

The top of Button's with a few feathers

Needless to say, Button flew the coop on Saturday morning, just when Takaya the next bird on my list arrived.

The best part is they have decided on the next Round Robin for the Beaded Art Dolls Yahoo Group,  TeaPots....yes, teapots.  Kind of " Alice in Wonderland " without Johnny Depp.  Rolanda has been kind enough to make the forms in both Short Teapots and Large Teapots for the group.  I look forward to the day when I can just sew and bead all day.  But then, they would have to force me out of the house, LOL!
Ahhhhh, to retire.

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